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So, any geek worth his weight in gold pressed latinum is fully aware about the new crowdfunded Star Trek: Renegades movie which serves as the pilot to a planned webseries. However for those unfamiliar with its existence you can wan watch the whole movie on youtube if you got an hour and a half to spare. Is it worth losing that much of your time though? Continue reading for a spoiler free review.

Let me begin by saying this trek movie, feels like a “Trek Film” in name only. Sure, it has actors and characters from past star trek shows, but it feels like they were tossed in simply so they could label it as Star Trek and get some crowdfunding from the trekkers who will literally shove all their money down someones throat if it meant a chance to get some new star trek shows/movies.

That’s not to say that the film isn’t good. In fact, it’s quite entertaining! A bit confusing at times since there really is no character introductions. It just throws you in, as if this is a crew from star trek that you should all know. Which gets confusing when some of the characters early on uses their racial abilities, but it’s not explained that it’s his ability. Combine that with the fact that races have new abilities, and tech doesn’t function the way Trek cannon has already  established it to work.

The main characters are a group of criminals who are sent out to save the galaxy. Basically, it’s Suicide Squad in space! The main crew is for the most part likeable, and decent established actors. like Gary Graham(Played Detective Sikes on the Alien Nation TV series), Sean Young(Known for her roles in Dune and Blade Runner), Adrienne Marie Wilkinson(Known for voice acting in video games, many of which were star wars titles) and Edward Furlong(Known for playing John Connor in Terminator 2 and his MANY brushes with the law that followed). So, the acting wasn’t too shabby. Though it’s obvious some of these established actors haven’t acted in a long while and thus are a bit rusty.

Other characters who make appearances in here range from Tim Russ(Tuvok), Walter Koenig(Chekov) and Corin Nemec (Who will ALWAYS be Parker Lewis to me). The previous two characters are established characters from Star Trek lore, but Nemecs character is brand new. He plays a star ship captain that is apparently insane since his answer to any situation is “Shoot ’em! Blow ’em up!” which, again does not fit with the whole star trek setting.

One thing that DID impress me, was the special effects and the makeup. The make up was very well done! Some of the aliens however sounded hilarious, and in fact reminded me of evil muppets. However, they looked good! Not sure who was in charge of the makeup, but they did an excellent job. Color me impressed!

The Special effects were also incredibly well done. Especially the space scenes and star ship design and battles. Many times in these fan films, the space battles are a joke. Either poorly done CGI models with low rez textures moving across a poorly rendered star field, or on at least one occasion a space battle recorded using Star Trek Online space combat. That’s not the case here! The space battles and ship designs were very well done. They looked well done and very polished.

In the end, I enjoyed the movie, and if they release anymore to the series, I will watch those. Just because it didn’t feel like a real star trek entry doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable.


My Friend The Dog

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Black lab hi-res

Black lab hi-res (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned in my last entry, I have a dog now. She’s not just any dog though! She’s the bestest dog in all the land! She’s part Pit bull, and part Black Lab and all adorable. When I look at her, I wanna peench her cheeks and start talking baby talk to her. Is that weird? That’s weird right?

Anyway! She’s wonderful and adorable and is highly intelligent. She knows how to sit, eat, shake, eat, lay down, come here, eat, give kisses, speak and eat…All on command! Impressive right? Hell to the yeah it is! She’s actually a really good companion, despite not being much of a conversationalist. In fact, I have decided to write an original poem about her right here and now.

Let me begin…Ahem! *Clears throat*

I got a new friend,
and she’s my new dog.
She’s not all wooden,
Like some worn log.
She’s not all slimy,
like a gross frog.
She’s covered in fur,
because she’s a dog.
Though there are times,
When she eats like a hog.
But when all is said and done,
she’s still just a dog.

Thank you to all my adoring fans! For those interested in purchasing a copy of this poem, one can be made available to you for a mere $500.00!


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I am a very bad Blogger! It’s been well over a year since I have written anything on this blog. In fact, it’s been about 2 years since I have written anything meaningful! What I am saying is, I am a very neglectful Blogmaster! However, to be fair there were reasons surrounding my disappearance. A lot of them actually, that just piled together one right after another. Everything from family deaths, to the most recent reason, my computer dying and me not being uncle moneybags enough to get a new one for awhile.

However, everything is now in the clear. My oceans of life seem fairly smooth at the moment, so I am thrilled to announce that my long time absence from the blogosphere ends…..wait for it……NOW!

I’m sure most people don’t care if I am here or not, but writing in my blog was something I enjoyed, so I care. I am thrilled about my return. So, get ready for more upcoming discussions about my life, reviews about games and books..and most importantly: What my dog thinks of Kibbles N Bits. Yea, that’s right! I got a dog now….She says woof.