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<3On February 15th, I lost the most important person in my life. She was my mother, my role model, my hero and my best friend. When she was taken from me, she was still young, only 59 years old. She should have still had many years left on this earth. Unfortunately, complications from her diabetes arose, and took her from me, and the world.

She was a brave and strong woman. She endured a lot while she was here, but never gave up. She always kept going, no matter how much pain or suffering she felt. She never gave up, because she wanted to be there, to support those she cared for, and help anyone she could.

She had several medical problems, which makes her strength and willingness to push on that much more impressive. A lesser person would have thrown in the towel years ago, but my mom didn’t know the meaning of giving up.

Even in the end, she fought to survive. Even as her body shut down around her. In the end, it was her heart that was the last to go. That isn’t surprising. Ask anyone who knew her, anyone who’s bumped into her, anyone she has affected in any way, and they will tell you, that she has a powerful heart.

I was with her when she passed from this plane of existence, and it felt like my world had just come to a heart crushing end. I am at least glad that I was able to be there for her in the end, holding her hand as she passed. She was, after all, always there for me, my entire life. Helping me through some of the darkest points of my life.

She comforted me when my father was killed, she was my anchor when my wife passed away. Despite he medical issues, she was always my rock, and even though she isn’t with me in body anymore. She is in spirit and mind. Her teachings will continue to guide me through life, right up until death.

I am the man I am today, because of her. I am my mother’s son, and she is my hero. She’s the reason I am still alive today, why I am not mentally challenged, despite all my complications at birth. She brought me into this world, she gave me life, but most importantly, she gave me a live worth living. She always had more faith in me, than I did of myself. I only hope, that one day, I will do something important enough, that would make her proud.

I knew eventually she would be gone. I just didn’t expect it to be this soon. I took for granted that she would still be here each and every tomorrow. I assumed, that we had years together still! Even as they were rushing her away in the ambulance, I figured she would probably be ok, because she was still young, and too important to the world.

Don’t take people you love for granted. Your parents, your grandparents, your spouse, your children. Treat everyday, like it might be the last time you see them, because one day, one way or will be.

I usually don’t post things like this on my Blog. It’s just some things I wanted to get off my chest. I’m not even sure if it’s understandable. I’m not exactly in the clearest of mindsets right now.