PS 4 Console Review

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Gaming
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ps4_play_imgLike I said in a previous post, I got screwed out of my PS4 pre-order, which broke my heart! Still, I have had the good fortune to play the new console, since a friend of mine, managed to get his pre-order(As did most people who weren’t me).

First, let me just say: This is a powerhouse of a system, and is capable of incredible feats! It’s not perfect though, the system runs very hot, and has an extreme heat output, so make sure it has PLENTY of room around it to better circulate the air. The systems new, so I have no idea how well it is going to be able to manage that kind of heat output. To be fair, high amount of heat was expected due to the sheer power of the system.

I also don’t like that the power and eject buttons are so tiny! They are hard to see, and it took me a good 4 minutes just to figure out how to turn the thing on. Once it was on, and I began playing games, I noticed some games discs run louder than others(CoD:Ghosts runs almost silently, Battlefield 4 sounds a bit noisy)

Next, the control while very similar to previous dual shock controllers, is still very different feeling. It just doesn’t have the same feel as it rests in my palm. I’m also not completely fond of the “Options” and “Share” buttons positioning. It’s awkward to get to, and to click on, at least for me and my fat fingers. positioned between those two buttons is the large “Touch Pad”, which most times will end up pausing the game, or bringing up a menu, or going to the dashboard. This can be an issue when you have fat fingers, are really into a game, and quickly trying to hit the options button, only to find your fat thumb hit the touch pad, and now you are sitting on your dashboard.

However, even aside from the flaws, it’s an exceptional system and would love to have one in my home. Is it worth its current price tag? At the moment: Not really, but it WILL be! Unfortunately at the moment, the system lacks any PS4 exclusive titles, and you can still enjoy most of the games coming out for it, on the PS3. However in the next few months, there will be plenty to enjoy!

  1. So does this mean that you would rather stick with the Playstation or move over to the Xbox? And between the two, which do you like better — the PS3 or the PS4?

    • Admin says:

      Well, I personally would stick with the Playstation unit, but both the XboxOne and PS4 are powerful systems, and each worthy of a purchase. For me though, the choice would be the Playstation. Unfortunately Xbox exclusives never really interested me, and their “Exclusives”, aren’t really exclusive since they also get released on the PC. So, if there was one I really wanted to play, I could pick it up on my computer(As was the case with Allan Wake). Playstation exclusives USUALLY are truly exclusive(Sometimes you get an MMORPG like DC Universe Online that is Playstation/PC, but usually it’s for the PS only. I also tend to enjoy the PS Exclusives, which makes it a simple choice for me.

      As for PS3 or PS4? Well, for the moment I will stick with the PS3, at least until Uncharted 4 comes out, or something else that is a must buy! If the PS3 follows suit, as past console generations did, it still has a year of STRONG life to it, and another year afterwards of “Fading” glory. Sony and Microsoft and their developers know, that the majority of the gamers haven’t switched rails yet, so it would be dumb to drop PS3 support all together right now with such a strong userbase.

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