Injustice: Gods among us review

Posted: January 25, 2014 in Gaming
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injusticeI have never enjoyed a fighter game in my life. When people were going crazy for street fighter, I was focusing on Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior. So, Fighters have never had a spot in my gaming library. I picked this game up on a lark,. and didn’t expect to enjoy the game at all. I expected to just tool around with it a bit and go back to playing Battlefield 4, however I found myself quickly hooked on this game!

It’s made by the same folks who did the Mortal Kombat games(And in fact has 1 MK character in it..Scorpion), so you know the game is polished. The graphics are absolutely incredible and will make your eyes melt with pleasure!

So, what’s so great about this game? Too much to list, but I will try to list a few! Most characters have several different costume options/skins, so you can wear a classic superman outfit, or superman from the current movie costume. You can wear a classic batman outfit, or his outfit from Arkham city, You can be Classic Green Arrow, or “The Hood”/Arrow from the series. There are a lot of costumes.

Also, the arenas are interactive, and will become damaged as you have your superbrawl. you can also interact with items around the arena. There’s not TOO many arenas, but enough to give you a variety of choices. I hope more arenas get released as DLC.

The best thing though, is the story mode. Now, I am not a big fan of fighters, so I am not sure if it’s common or not, but this game has a full featured campaign mode, which is basically cutscenes connecting to a pre-determined arena battle. It’s an enjoyable story as well, and I couldn’t stop playing.

Once the campaign is done, the funs not over though, since there are STARS Missions, Multiplayer Arenas and Single player arena battles(Which should just basically be practice for multiplayer mode).

  1. We have this one for the XBOX360. We love this one! The graphics were great and the special moves were amazing as well. Great review!

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