Man of Steel Movie Review

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Hollywood spotlight!
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spoiler alert

First, this review will contain spoilers, so if you are the type who absolutely hates spoilers then you might want to just move along. I have however included an adorable video of a guinea pig eating a carrot to serve as both a buffer between this statement and the spoiler review, and also as a consolation for missing out on my spoiler filled review.

I am going to go on record and state, that I am a fan of Superman. In fact, Batman and Supes are really the only two DC comics characters that I enjoy. So, I make it a habit to watch any movie about either of those characters. So, when the new “Man of Steel” movie came out, I decided to watch it despite how bad “Superman Returns” was! So, I watched it, and I was more than a little disappointed. Maybe that’s more my fault than the movies? Maybe because I enjoy Superman comics and movies(Mostly) I expected too much?

Here’s the thing though, the movie just didn’t “Feel right”! It’s hard to explain, but it felt less like the first installment of a reboot franchise, and more like the third chapter of the reboot franchise. That sounds confusing right? So, I will try and explain! To begin with, the plot of the movie centers around an ultimate destruction scenario! The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance and only Superman can save the day! Superman is pushed to his breaking point, and is forced to make moral choices that will test his moral compass (Despite the fact that this reboot franchise has yet to even show us what those morals are).

So, Supes makes these choices, but it doesn’t seem to have much impact to the audience, because it’s not really going against Supermans character because that character type has never been established. It just seems like there should have been a few other movies in place that showed that Superman is a good guy, the ultimate boy scout! Then in a third chapter, him having to make the types of choices he does in the film, would impact the audience more.

Not only that, but Superman saving humanity from total extinction from the ultimate threat to the planets existence seems like a majorly big deal! I mean to be honest, the franchise really has nowhere to go but down! Sure, they can continue the same drivel! Each movie has an ultimate threat that will spell destruction for earth and all life that dwells on it I guess! Wouldn’t that start getting boring though?

If anything, the extinction level event plot of “Man of Steel” would have served better as the plot for a Justice League movie(Which it’s my understanding that one is planned, and that Man of Steel is serving as the first part of a DC cinematic Universe). Because let’s be honest! What in the hell could be so important that all the DC universe characters need to unite in order to beat the odds? They already got Superman, and Superman has already overcome those impossible odds my himself! There’s absolutely no reason for the heroes of the world to unite!

On the upside, Supermans costume looked kind of cool this time around. So, I guess it has that going for it!


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