Amazonian Nightmare

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Gaming
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When the Playstation 4 was announced back in June, I hopped on my computer and preordered it from Amazon in the form of a “Watch Dogs” bundle. Over time, I applied gift cards to the preorder, so that as of last month the cost due was $0.00. Now, all that I had to do was wait for the quickly approaching November 15th release date!

This month however Ubisoft announced that Watchdogs was being delayed, and so Amazon switched my order to the basic core system launch. Not a huge deal, I would just order Killzone Shadowfall. It’s not amazons fault, and the new KZ game looked pretty sweet to begin with. So, I dealt with it, and carried on.

Last night however, I received an email from Amazon customer service, notifying me that my order for the Playstation 4 was cancelled, and that they “hope this helps”. completely flabbergasted and confoundedly confused, I got online and entered into Amazons support chat. It is here that I found out, that it was a mistake, and someone had accidentally cancelled my order.

Fine, mistakes happen. I get that! I asked them if they could correct the issue that had just happened mere moments before. I was informed that this was impossible, as their system is all automated and my cancelled order went to the next person in queue who hadn’t gotten their order placed in time to guarantee themselves the system.

So, basically I was told, that despite being a prime subscriber, despite spending thousands of dollars over the years on their website, despite preordering this console on the first day possible, that I was basically screwed and there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

In fact, not only was there nothing they could do about it, but to worsen the situation, Amazon has in place a system that allows only one console to be ordered per account. Meaning, that if I want to order another one, I would need to have a friend order it, and send it to my address. Despite the fact, that the now refunded gift card balance is saved on MY account, not theirs. Not that it would matter anyway, since the console pre-orders are completely sold out.

However, they did say they were sorry and issued me $30 dollars credit. Which doesn’t help me at all really. Overall, this is a horrible experience with amazon, and is the first time I have pre-ordered a big-ticket item from them. Is this a regular occurence? I don’t know, but I do know that I will be ending my prime subscription, and won’t be purchasing any thing major from them again.

  1. kpaderborn says:

    Grrr, this makes me angry beyond belief! Grrr, Amazon people, just grrrrr!!!!! Get some workers in there that can fix crap like this when it happens. And why is it happening in the first place? How are workers just allowed to cancel orders without getting confirmation from customers in the first place? My blood is boiling!

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