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The Last of Us - Joel grappling

The Last of Us – Joel grappling (Photo credit: naughty_dog)

Good lord! I haven’t posted on here since March 26th? It doesn’t seem like it! The reason why is a crapload of new games ended up getting released, and by jove I had to play them! Some were insanely incredible, and others were giant disappointments. Still, they needed to be played.

After I had gotten caught up on the heat from the oncoming Summer blasted over the land, causing me to enter a lethargic state! All I wanted / want  to do is sleep! That’s what heat does to me! I am not sure if everyone gets tired when the temp begins to rise, but I certainly do!

So, when I haven’t been sweating, I have been snoozing. Either way, it’s not a good time to blog! I would say that I plan on blogging more, and I will! However, just not for a few days, because tomorrow is the release date of “The Last of Us“!