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English: "Evel" Dick Donato from Big...

English: “Evel” Dick Donato from Big Brother 8 (U.S.) and Big Brother 13 (U.S.). This image has been modified from its original source to include the subject only. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big Brother has been airing here in the United States of America since the year 2000, and over the course of those 13 years, there have been a wide variety of players who have entered the house. Many good players, some great players and of course, some piss poor players. There have been villains and heroes, love birds and enemies. So, with yet another season of Big Brother just around the corner, and one already airing in Canada, let’s take a look back at the best and worst that the Big Brother house had to throw at us.

Keep in mind, this entire article is based entirely on my opinion, and each person may have their own opinion.

Best Player: Without a doubt, I would have to give this to Evel Dick. He’s not my favorite player, but he was damn good at Big Brother. Not only did he win season 8, but I am fairly confident that if had remained in the house during season 13, he probably would have won that too! He played the game well, but he played the house guests even better.

Best Floater: Mike Dutz was one of my top 10 favorite players in Big Brother history, and out of those 10 was the only floater. Watching him was a blast, he was often times quiet and seemed to keep to himself, and on occasion it would seem as if he forgot where he was, or what he was doing. A look of confusion would wash across his face for the briefest of moments, before he returned to normal, often times leaving what he was doing behind.

Worst Player: This one goes to Ronnie Talbot, which I admit was a huge shock to me! I expected big things from him, and he talked a good talk. How ever, when it came to playing the game, it seemed like his strategy consisted of just lying to every single person in the house, which was the stupidest move imaginable! All it would take is any one person, to mention something to any OTHER one person, and it would come apart! Needless to say, his lies blew up in his face, and resulted in him hiding himself away in the HOH room from the angry mob below. While he claimed to be an expert of the game, it quickly became apparent that he was a horrible player.

Best Villain: Who can out-evil Evel Dick? His strategy which ultimately led to his season 8 win, consisted of him being the biggest asshole imaginable. Not only was he a huge villain, but also a fierce competitor. His strategy worked wonders for him, as his actions kept people stressed angry and on occasion unable to sleep. I find it hard to believe that this strategy could have been pulled off successfully by anyone other than Evel Dick.

Best Hero: When Jeff Schroder first appeared in Big Brother, I assumed he was going to be another musclebound jock. Much to my surprise he wasn’t. He formed a tight alliance with fellow houseguest Jordan, and a Showmance that developed into a romance outside of the house brought them even closer. Jeff quickly became the fan favorite of his season, and for good reason! He played honestly and with integrity. In a sea full of sharks, he stood his own, and went pretty far!

Best Cryer: While I would like to give this title to Rachel, who found herself in tears a lot, including at one point hiding and crying in a bush shortly after a competition. The real winner of this title would have to be Amber from season 8! She has probably outcried all of the houseguests combined, tear for tear.

Best Couple: The Big Brother house has seen more than it’s share of showmances and romances, but few have lasted long, or caught the attention of so many, than Jeff and Jordan. Fact is, they were two good people, and they were just cute together. Their relationship is still going, with all indicators being a happy relationship. Some could argue that the “Brenchel” should be best couple, and it was in the running. The only thing that kept it from getting the title, was rumors of Brendens unfaithfulness.

Best Enemies: My god, the house has had probably more enemies, than showmances. Something about being locked in a house with people, who are specifically picked to rub on someones nerve, has a way of…Well, rubbing on someones nerve!

The most entertaining enemy would have to be the Season 8 rivalry between Dick and Jen! The two genuinely disliked each other, and while I am not sure if that dislike carried on outside of the house, it sure was entertaining in-house! The fighting eventually culminated with Dick dumping a glass of Tea onto Jens head, and Jen retaliating by destroying Dicks cigarettes with Bleach.

Best Alliance: When it comes to Alliances, very few can argue against the extremely succesful Season 2 Alliance of Chilltown. Not only was it the first Big Brother Alliance, but it was between Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, two players whom many would say were in the top 5 best players who have ever played the game.

Best Twist: The motto of Big Brother America, is “Expect the unexpected”. This is because if there’s one thing Big Brother loves, it’s throwing twists into the game. Most seasons have one, which leaves a lot to choose between, however my personal favorite twist, was the Twin Twist from Season 5, where we saw twins Adria and Natalie unbeknownst to the houseguests, switching back and forth and playing the same role, much to the confusion of the houseguests, during the first part of the game. Afterwards, they were both allowed to enter and play.

Best Season: My personal favorite season was 8. This is because a lot was happening, and there was never a dull moment in that house! Live feeds were always exciting, and I just could not get enough. It was so interesting, that even my mom, who hates reality TV was tuning in each week, and yes, even got a Real subscription, just to watch the live feeds. Special note, she has never had that amount of interest in any following season.

Most Memorable: When I think back to all the past seasons, the player who sticks out in my mind the most is the lovable season 1 player known forever more as “Chicken George”. Was he a great player? No, but this isn’t a great player title. It’s most memorable, and I don’t think the image of him dancing around in his chicken suit will ever be wiped from my memory.

Personal Favorite: Frank Eudy, without a doubt. He played the game with honesty and integrity. Sure, it didn’t win him the game, but he played it well, and best of all, he left the game with his morals still intact, which is something that can’t be said for most people who find themselves competing in the Big Brother house.