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Everytime I turn around, it seems like there is something on the news, about some guy who just snapped, and ran into a public building shooting people. It can happen anywhere, it has even happened locally in the small American town that I currently call home.

It should come as a surprise, to absolutely nobody, that these shootings would stir the pot in the decades old gun control debate. People would begin arguing about the pros and cons of gun control, People would shout about how it’s their right to bear arms! The interweb would come alive, and people would run to their facebook, twitter or blog to let their opinion be known!

Everyone has their opinion on the matter, myself included. However, I don’t feel the need to use this blog as a soapbox. My opinion will have little to no impact on what happens in the coming months and years. What I will say though, is that I find it amusing that many of the same people on the interwebs who went on about the war on Christmas, and arguing about how the bible isn’t taught in schools, are also the exact same people who are shouting about their guns, and how the government doesn’t have the right to take their guns, because it’s their damn right according to the 2nd amendment.

That’s all well and good, however I am curious how these people can and with a straight face, complain about how the government is trying to strip them of their inalienable right to bear arms, while also having no qualms about imposing their religious beliefs on others and stripping people of their right to freedom of religion.

One word: Hypocrites

Let me be clear on this, I have absolutely no objection to someone saying “I love my guns, and they better not take ’em!” and then the next day say “If the bible was mandatory reading in school, none of this would happen.” I wouldn’t agree with it, but I wouldn’t have an issue with it. My problem lies in the majority, the ones who clearly state that the government is infringing on their 2nd amendment right to bear arms with the idea of gun control, while at the same time believe that religion should be taught in schools. Then you are a hypocrite, because teaching children what your holy book says is infringing on their FIRST amendment right to freedom of religion, or even lack there of.

You either stand up for all rights, or just sit down, and shut up.

  1. lwk2431 says:

    The correct solution should be to ban public schools. Then parents can choose a school that teaches their beliefs to their kids, whether that belief includes religion or not.

    Public schools with a “one size fits all” agenda of beliefs is the problem.


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