New Year Wish

Posted: January 11, 2013 in General
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brain power

I wish there were such a thing as a cerebral dictation device. If such a thing was ever released to the general public, do you know who would be first in line with credit card in hand? This guy! Yeah, This guy, that’s who!

The reason I even desire such a device is because it would make porn surfing much easier! No longer would I have to type in search queries into Google image search with only one hand!

I suppose I could also use it for other things, particularly blogging. In fact, I believe it might be at least equally useful for Blogging, as it would for Porn surfing! After all, there are many times that I am doing some mundane activity somewhere away from the computer, when inspiration hits! I could be taking a shower, and get inspired to write about the plight of the rain forest, I could be taking out trash and be zapped with inspiration regarding pollutants that contaminate our air, I could be taking a crap, and be reminded about that time I a giant boulder fell in front of our car during a long road trip!

When inspiration does hit me, I write this huge blog entry in my mind! usually a great one! A Blog entry that re-defines what we consider to be Epic! An entry that would inspire awe among the masses, that would make people pause and think. At the very least, make people stop and scratch their head as they exclaim “What the Fuckery?”. These are the types of blog entries that I mentally write, that never make it to physical or digital form, as the case may be.

So, why don’t I write them you ask? That’s a great question I reply!

Fact of the matter is, I have every intention of writing it, but the thing is, by the time I get anywhere near a computer with an internet connection, one of several things happens.

1) I sit at the computer and suddenly get bombarded by emails, Skype messages and/or calls. Many of these people are friends and/or family. Basically people I love and am close to. People who take priority over a blog post, so I go and respond to these people. Since I am a gentleman, I give them my complete attention. When our chats/discussions are over, I usually have forgotten all about the blog post I wanted to make!

2) I sit down at the computer, get ready to open my browser and “Accidentally” click the shortcut to “Star Wars: The Old Republic“, and when that happens? Well, you can just forget about anything else happening that night!

3) I just plain forget! I mean, I mentally write a huge ass entry! It’s a little difficult to remember all the ins and outs. Sure, I still have the basic idea, but when I sit down and start blogging on the topic, I can’t think of what to say! See, I find it hard to blog on command. It just comes so much easier to me, when I’m not even trying and especially when I am not ready.

Now, I have considered carrying a digital recorder around with me, so that I can record my thoughts as they creep up, and then transcribe those audio logs into digital blog form, but that requires talking into a digital recorded. You know, where people can hear me! Have you read my blog? I talk about some dumb ass shit on here! Stuff that would make the locals think I was super paladin nerd! I got a rep to protect man!

So anyway! Yeah, we need a mental dictation device. Especially for the added bonus of porn surfing ease.


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