Windows 8 Blues

Posted: December 22, 2012 in General
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Windows 8 has got to be the worst version of Windows that I have ever used! To be fair though, I have disliked every windows version released after XP, however after playing around with the system for a few days, I always “Adjusted”. I never “Loved” them, but I grew used to them and learned to tolerate them, in the same way as one tolerates wiping ones ass. You wipe your ass all the time, chances are you don’t “Enjoy it”, unless you have a particularly weird fetish. You just “Do it”, without even thinking about it. Which is how I was with previous Windows. To me, they were like wiping my ass.

Windows 8 is different though. I just can not adapt to it! I have been toying with it for a few days now, and it makes me want to punt my laptop across the house like a Hobbit running wild on a football field during Superbowl sunday! It’s just not possible to “accept” this monstrosity, and believe me I have tried! I will likely continue to try, but I can promise you with an almost obscene certainty, that I will not grow used to this O/S.

See, the previous versions of Windows all had roughly the same feel, they were just polished differently and had different features and yes, a few bugs that could knock out Mike Tyson, and come out on top, with both its ears intact. However, at the end of the day it still “Looked like” windows. Windows 8 however does not! Sure, it has a few familiar things. Task bar, Task Manager. Control Panel and other basics, but the look as a whole is gone! Familiarity has been replaced with a confusing and awkward menu, Ease of use has been replaced with everything being so difficult that even talking on Skype has become a chore. However, on the bright side, Microsoft has decided to keep in the bugs! Everything from self-closing programs, to audio issues ranging from lowered volume to complete muting. These are just the ones I have stumbled on over the past 2 days of usage.

Gamers will most likely notice similarities between Windows 8 and the Xbox 360 Dashboard(both compliments of Microsoft).

dashboard xboxlive

I am assuming that somebody must have really liked how this worked, and because of that Microsoft felt that this was clearly the direction they wanted to go! Personally, I hated the look and feel, in fact this very change was one of the many defining reasons why I went from loving Xbox to being a PS3 gamer, and to be honest this new version of windows is helping to drive me away from Microsoft all together. I have always wanted to try a Mac, maybe that will be next computer.

Over all Win 8 sucks beyond belief, and makes me not just hate the O/S, but makes me hate my entire computer. If Microsoft was trying to figure out a way to make people use the computer less, and spend more time in the sun, then well played Microsoft – Well played!



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