Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Comics, WWW and beyond!
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Marvel comics has an online service called Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. The idea is great, and in fact I used to subscribe to it. Basically, for one low price(Either monthly or yearly, choice is up to you) you get access to a boat-load of digital comics. Including in some cases, entire series of comics from start to finish. We aren’t talking a small selection here people, we are talking a giant comic book library!


As I said, the idea is great, and if it fits your needs, then it really is a great deal! I only have two complaints. The first being, that this service has been around for quite a while, yet they don’t offer any type of free trial. Sure, on occasion they will have a limited time promo code for a free month stuck somewhere, or a free month included in some marvel product(game/movie/book/), but there’s no “REAL” free trial, for people who want to subscribe.

While there aren’t any real free trials, there are many free readable comics, and all comics do have the option to “Sample”, so you aren’t really going into it blind. It won’t drive away customers who don’t buy what they can’t test, because there are those free issues, and sample. Still, it’s nice to offer subscribers a little incentive.

Another issue is, that the service can only be used on your computer/laptop. This to me is an inconvenience, since I really don’t like the idea of having to sit at my computer desk chair, slouched over a monitor just to read a comic. I simply won’t do it! Why can’t they have an Android app to read this? It makes sense! I would happily re-subscribe, if I could lean back in my recliner, or relax in bed with my tablet in hand, and read through some issues while relaxing! Almost like I had the comic book there with me!

Sure, Marvel does have an Android app, but it’s only for their digital comic purchases, it won’t work on their unlimited service, despite the fact that the 2 services work almost exactly the same! Which is great if you purchase comics digitally, I prefer buying the actual issue myself, since those have some chance of possibly gaining some kind of value if they are taken care of and treated well, where as a digital copy just won’t!

The service sadly won’t even run on a PS3 browser, so you can at least read from your couch. You are literally tied to your computer to enjoy the service, and normally that’s fine for most internet services. Most services are best used at your computer, however reading a comic book? I just don’t believe that’s the best way to read.

So, unfortunately I am going to pass on re-subscribing to this, however if for some reason it does fit your needs, and nothing I mentioned here bothers you, then you really should get this service then! Great price, huge comic library, and new comics added all the damn time!



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