So Long KFC, Old buddy!

Posted: November 14, 2012 in All about ME!, News and current events
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Like many places, our small town was dealt a devastating blow this past Saturday! We weren’t hammered by a giant storm, or rattled by a quake! No our devastation came in the form of the closing of our local KFC. As I mentioned, we aren’t the only place affected by these closings. A good number of towns woke up Saturday to find their local KFC closed!

For our small little town though, it is even worse! You see, our KFC was also our local Taco Bell, meaning that we lost both KFC as well as Taco Bell! No more extra crispy Chicken, No more mouth-watering chalupas, No more KFC chicken skin induced diarrhea.

Ok, so I won’t miss the diarrhea much! The other stuff though? Tragic! Okay, so I didn’t go there very often, and have gone there even less since I began my diet. In fact, in the last 2 years I have been there maybe 3 times, and that’s pushing it. However, it was nice knowing it was there, and now that it’s not, I suddenly have a major craving some Taco Bell Nacho supreme lovin’!

Not all hope is lost though! Through the darkness, there is a speck of light! Word on the street is, that now that KFC has closed up shop POPEYE’S chicken restaurant is considering opening it’s doors. This would be great, since POPEYE’s is infinitely better than KFC! However, at this point it’s just a rumor, and I have heard zero to no confirmation about this.

Still, my heart goes out to all the other places who lost their KFCs this weekend. You are not alone, and together we must be strong!


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