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While watching the morning news yesterday, the weather women gave a good warning. She said “If you are driving this Thanksgiving, Watch out for Frog”, and this is very sound advice! One might think this was just a goof on her part, and that she meant to say Fog instead of Frog. This may very well be the case, I mean she is a weather women, so discussing fog would make sense. However, that doesn’t make her warning any less useful! Therefore, I felt it important to share this holiday advice to my loving adoring public!

Let me set the scene for you! You find yourself driving home from spending the holiday with your family. You are cruising along the freeway, thinking about how great that deep-fried turkey tasted, and all of a sudden you feel the ground begin to shake. The logical side of your mind says “Don’t worry, it’s just a Tyranosaurus Rex running behind you”, but clearly you aren’t worried because they have tiny arms, and besides, you have a full tank of gas and are on a freeway! Just as you are smirking to yourself, a giant frog leaps out onto the road ahead of you. Not just a giant frog mind you, but fucking Frogzilla! It glances down at you with its froglike eyes, opens its mouth and unfurled it sticky tongue, launching it through the sky at your little foreign car. You have mere seconds to think, and the only thing that you have time to gather in your head is “Holy fuckballs!”, and at that instant your car is engulfed by the sticky pink tongue of a giant frog, and gulped down.

This could have been avoided, if only you watched out for Frog!


In my youth, my most prized possession was a Super Nintendo game console, from Nintendo! I loved that game system, and I still have it to this very day! As a matter of fact, it was that system that got me REALLY interested in video games! I had other systems, but for me, the Super Nintendo was just downright magical!

As the years passed, I eventually unhooked my old game systems, set them lovingly in a box and tucked them away in a closet. Unfortunately, combined with the hugeness of modern-day game systems, and my limited space, I just didn’t have the room to keep them all hooked up! Which was a shame, but the newer systems helped ease the pain.

However, while browsing through Amazon, I stumbled across a little thing called the FC Twin. It played BOTH Super Nintendo games and regular NES titles as well! My heart skipped a beat! Then I saw the price! Less than 40 dollars! All the memories of staying up to the brink of dawn during super mario world marathons came flooding back! I couldn’t resist!

When the game console arrived, I seriously think I might have danced a little jig. After my little jig, I tore through the packaging in a manner befitting the Tasmanian devil, and whipped out the system!

First thing I noticed was that the system is light! I mean really light! I am pretty sure, that most super Nintendo game carts weigh more than the FC Twin! To me, this was a bonus! Yes, that means that the casing of the system can’t be too thick, and not very protective, however I have no plans to throw this system across the room, and I have no children who might mistake it trampoline.

The next thing I noticed, was that it was really small! Which meant I could easily find room around my TV to place it. It’s width is just a little wider than a game cartridge and about as long as a DVD case. Which is amazing since this is essentially 2 game consoles in one! You can seriously just fit it anywhere!

Next the controllers, I wasn’t quite fond of those! They just lacked the feel of the original SNES game pads. They have the same design, and same button positioning, but not the same feel! Also, they were super light, and I personally prefer to have the game pad resting firmly in my grips, not floating atop the flesh of my palms. Still, since the FC Twin uses the same controller connector as the SNES, you can easily switch it out for a SNES controller. Win/Win.

Speaking of it using the same ports as the SNES! This is good and bad, it’s good in the fact that you can use your favorite 16-bit SNES game pad to play your games, however it’s bad in that you can only use your favorite SNES game pads! Unless you are forgetting, this piece of gaming marvel also plays standard 8-Bit NES games, however the NES and SNES had very different ports. Translation: You can’t use 8-bit NES controllers on your FC-Twin. This means, games that required special controllers, are non-playable. Games like Duck Hunt or any other light zapper title. It also means, if you really were looking forward to playing some of your favorite NES games using the Nintendo Power Glove, then tough titties!

Anyway! Game consoles all hooked up, all ports on my Mad Catz AV Sitch box hub are now filled, and it’s time to play some games! The first thing I noticed when I popped in a SNES game was that it was kind of a tight fit! I had to push a little harder than I would have liked, but that will loosen over time I imagine. Next thing I noticed was the familiar sense of Deja vu, when I had to pull the cart out and blow on it. Then again, and again and again. Then I realised that these games have probably been sitting in a box for 15 years or longer, so I just broke out the Q-tips and rubbing alcohol and gave it a good cleaning, and after letting it dry for awhile, popped it in the system, and it worked like a charm!

The colors were amazing and gorgeous, and it was everything I remembered it to be. I swear to god, if I was a little bitch, I probably would have shed a tear! However, I am not, so I didn’t!

Over-all, the system is fantastic! Definitely worth the price tag! Now, the system comes in various models and colors, obviously I picked the Black model, however there’s different colors, and some that even play SNES, NES and Genesis games! I however avoided that one, since I have heard tales of that particular model not functioning that well. This version however? Works like a charm, at least for now! If or when it ever breaks down, I will post about it!

Another thing to keep in mind, is that this system doesn’t play all NES and SNES games, but it does play most. If a game used a special chip, odds are, it won’t run on the FC Twin. Therefor, games like Super Mario RPG aren’t playable. There’s a list of games that won’t run, so I urge you to read through those before making a purchase.

As some of you know, I have been on a diet, and have been making some progress with my weight loss. However, Dieting alone just doesn’t cut it! Which is why I also have an exercise plan that works in conjunction with my diet. The exercises vary, from push ups, to sit ups, and also walking — and occasionally jogging!

While out for a 2 mile walk today, I found myself at our towns local oil museum, and so I decided to stop in and have a look, since the last time I was there, I was a wee tiny little tyke. In fact, it was so long ago, that I don’t even remember the event. The only reason I know I went there, was because my grandma took pictures!

Since I was at the Oil Museum, I decided I would make a video, and take you all on an educational tour of the Oil Museum. This only explores the outside, since I am not sure how well me jibber jabbing inside the museum would go over.

Before you watch, there are some things I want to point out. First, this video was taken using my cell phone, so the quality isn’t that great. I clearly need a phone with a better camera. The video is also very shaky, as my cell phone doesn’t have any type of stabilizer.

Now, you may have noticed that at some points the scene just cuts away and shifts into the next. This is because, like every classic movie, sometimes bits get left on the cutting room floor. Parts that were removed were just extra rambling, and long stretches of walking. Also a scene where a squirrel chilled on a fence. Then there was the “Chinese Herbs” exhibit which made no sense. So, I just cut it out. Nothing important.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has now officially gone free to play! If you are a previous subscriber, you are urged to hop back into your account and enjoy the epic gameplay again, with all new content and a new companion. Also, new players should definitely check it out! Especially if you are a fan of Star Wars, or of Bioware game in general! This is now officially the best f2p MMORPG on the market.

Now, the game is f2p, however like all f2p games, there is a marketplace, that allows you to buy access to some things, but overall the game is completely enjoyable even without the purchases, but I would strongly urge everyone, to subscribe if they really like what they see. The cost is well worth it, and the benefits are many.

There really is no downside to the game going F2P, I was worried about it at first, but they handled the transition like champs, and everything’s balanced out quite well. If I was playing f2p, I would be able to enjoy myself, and as a paying subscriber, I don’t feel like I am being ripped off. It’s really a win/win situation.
The only issue I can see with it, is that there aren’t very many servers, and with so many new and returning players, the servers are getting bogged down, and slightly laggy. I am not a huge fan of heavy population servers, but as of right now, those are the only servers there are.

Like many places, our small town was dealt a devastating blow this past Saturday! We weren’t hammered by a giant storm, or rattled by a quake! No our devastation came in the form of the closing of our local KFC. As I mentioned, we aren’t the only place affected by these closings. A good number of towns woke up Saturday to find their local KFC closed!

For our small little town though, it is even worse! You see, our KFC was also our local Taco Bell, meaning that we lost both KFC as well as Taco Bell! No more extra crispy Chicken, No more mouth-watering chalupas, No more KFC chicken skin induced diarrhea.

Ok, so I won’t miss the diarrhea much! The other stuff though? Tragic! Okay, so I didn’t go there very often, and have gone there even less since I began my diet. In fact, in the last 2 years I have been there maybe 3 times, and that’s pushing it. However, it was nice knowing it was there, and now that it’s not, I suddenly have a major craving some Taco Bell Nacho supreme lovin’!

Not all hope is lost though! Through the darkness, there is a speck of light! Word on the street is, that now that KFC has closed up shop POPEYE’S chicken restaurant is considering opening it’s doors. This would be great, since POPEYE’s is infinitely better than KFC! However, at this point it’s just a rumor, and I have heard zero to no confirmation about this.

Still, my heart goes out to all the other places who lost their KFCs this weekend. You are not alone, and together we must be strong!

Official photographic portrait of US President...

It amazes me about how angry people are about Romney losing the election, I mean, I get being angry. If Romney won, I would be angry myself. So I get that, but today I have seen people verbally attacking other people all across the socialverse because of their political belief. This is insane to me!

Seriously, Do these people honestly and really believe that Romney was going to lead America into this new Golden era of enlightenment? If so, then I have a news flash for you, He wouldn’t have! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Obama will either, I just think Obama was the lesser of the two evils.

Bottom line, neither was a good choice. Obama just, in my opinion sucked  less(a LOT less). You want to hate me for that? Fine! You want to delete me from all your social website contact lists for that? Fine! People are entitled to their political views. I personally am not deleting people from my twitter or Facebook because of who they think sucked less, because at the end of the day, it’s a matter of opinion. I will delete people for their intolerance though, which sadly I am seeing a lot of this morning.

When purchasing games, you have two options. Either buy the game new, or buy it used. Which is the way to go?

First, you have to ask yourself, How new is the game? Is it a recent release? If so, then you might want to consider buying the game new. Bottom line, a new release game is not going to be that much cheaper used. If you are lucky, you might save yourself 5 or 6 bucks. However, many newer games come with free bonus DLC codes. When you buy that game used, odds are the code has already been redeemed. If you want that DLC, it will cost you between 5 and 10 bucks.

Best case scenario, you broke even. Worst case scenario, you paid an extra 5 bucks or so. Actually, best case scenario you end up on the loosing end too, since used games generally don’t have as long a return policy as a new game. Meaning if after a few weeks, you find out the game had a scratch that made it unplayable…too bad for you.

To be fair, sometimes you don’t really have a choice. A game company will quit producing a game, or it’s a game on an older game console. Your only realistic option is buying the game used. Sure, you can buy new copies of older games, but expect to pay out the nose. In fact, most of the time, that game you want, costs more new than it would to buy a game console.

It’s times like this, that paying the hundred(s) less for a game might be the best way to go, but it’s not perfect. See, here’s the thing. Many times these games have some serious issues. The games are old, and as such may not work as well as will like. Hell, to be fair, they may not work at all! You might buy a game, get it home, pop it in, only to find the damn game won’t boot up. Worse yet, it may boot up, and may play perfectly all the way through the game, until it reaches the last mission, and then freezes up!

If the game doesn’t work from the get go, you can always return it. Assuming you tested it right away. If however it waits until the end, you are pretty much screwed, since odds are, it will be several weeks before you notice, which by then returns are no longer valid. Also, if you notice right away, and you bought it at Gamestop, great..return away. However say you got it at some online store? If you paid 50 bucks for a used game, then yea! Return it. What about 5? At this point, is it worth the hassle of packing the box, printing a label and waiting for it to get there, so your replacement can be shipped out? Not really right?

I have bought many used games, and to be fair the majority of them work great. Although a good many were non-functional. So, weigh your choices before buying a used game, and figure out, if it’s really the best move for you.