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The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game, is based on the new movie of the same name. It’s not a typical remake of the movie in game form either, it actually serves as a sequel. The events are tied to the events of the movie, and takes place a few months after the movie.

I will say, right out the door, that this game was better than the movie(Although, to be fair, it kinda would have to be right?) and is currently the best spider-man game I have ever played(taking the title away from Ultimate Spider-man game)

The first thing you are going to notice is that the graphics are eye explodingly beautiful! The attention to detail cannot be praised enough, and it feels more like a movie, than the actual movie!

Everything from the lens flares, to the window reflections, to the level of shine on cars! Even the water reflects so perfectly! I haven’t seen a game achieve this level of awesomeness in their graphics, since the last Uncharted game.

The controls are also top notch, and works well! They kind of have to, since the entire control mechanics is taken right from the much praised Arkham BATMAN games. In fact, much of the entire game plays like an Arkham game, with Spiderman instead of batman. Translation: Kick ass!

The DLC is where the game is lacking. I would love to have seen some campaign DLC. Mini-missions and so forth. Instead, I got Stan Lee swinging around gathering Pages, a few different “Be the bad guy and tear shit up” and of course, a spider-man inspired game of  Snake.

I would much rather have gotten a “Rhino is rampaging through time Square: Save the citizens and stop his carnage!” mission, or a “Vulture has been spotted above the city!” or some more Black Cat!

On the upside, while I am not looking forward to the movie Amazing Spider-Man 2, I am anxiously awaiting its game!