Big Brother is one of my television guilty pleasures. It comes on every year, and is one of the few positives about summer!  The house guests this year however left a lot to be desired. They just weren’t interesting, with the exception of Willie. Which is unfortunate, since he’s now out of the house. He wasn’t even voted out, he was ejected from the BB14 house because of a physical confrontation, that resulted in Willies head striking the head of Joe(another house guest).

It’s a shame that happened, because I really had Willie pegged as winning that game. I don’t even think he would have went home that week. I mean, if Evel Dick Donato could make it while acting like a complete ass, I see no reason why Willie couldn’t have pulled it off. If I was in the house, I would have voted to keep Willie in the house for as long as possible, because as long as he was in the house, the target would be off my back.

Anyway, it seems as if Willie was the only houseguest in there actually playing the game, and now the game and show has gotten boring. Not sure I will continue watching this season, but at least I still have The Glass House to keep me occupied!


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