Spider-Man: The Game – PS2 Retro Review

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Gaming
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Cover art

Cover art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is he strong? Listen bud, he's got radioactive blood!With the recent release of the Amazing Spider-Man movie, and the subsequent release of its video-game Tie-in, I decided to dig into my old game chest. This time around I dusted off an old Classic, Spider-Man: The Game. It’s based on the movie with Tobey Maguire.

When I originally played this game, I remember thinking how badly it sucked, and how horrible the controls were. However, over time I told myself, how I must have been mistaken. How could the game be as bad as I remember it, when everyone in the gaming community loved this game to pieces! Clearly, I was mistaken! Years have passed, and I never broke it out again, until now!

First, let me just say, that for an early PS2 game release, the graphics are astounding! It’s has lens flares, and isn’t even very choppy, which is unusual for a PS2 game as well. Overall, in terms of graphics, this game was incredible! True, the models weren’t that great, but they were passable.

The sound was great! How could it not be? Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe lend their voice talents to the game, to help give it that authentic spidey movie feel. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, they tossed in Bruce Campbell as the Narrator/tour guide, just to bump the game up to cult status. The music and sound effects were brilliant, and quite realistic. However, it was slightly dated, but again, I can’t stress this enough: It’s from the PS2 and is 10 years old!

That was the good stuff.

The controls were just as bad as I remember. I mean horrible! However, it should be noted, that most games released during that video game era had horrible controls. Still, this is worse than most of those. It could have been a much smoother experience, especially since the PS2 controller is virtually identical to the PS3 controller. I see no reason, why they couldn’t take the time to make a smooth control scheme like games have today!

In terms of difficulty, it wasn’t as hard as I remember it being, however the game is by no means a cakewalk. It is difficult, and at time frustratingly so, although I feel a lot of that has to do with the controls. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I would find myself stuck to a wall, clinging there, while being shot at.

Still, the game has some level of fun factor, especially if you are an avid spidey fan, and with the new spider-man reboot being out, it might be fun to flash back to the original.


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