Hacking Twitter? Seriously?

Posted: July 6, 2012 in All about ME!
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Well, today is off to a lovely start! Shortly after today officially started(I.E. A little after Midnight), I logged into my twitter account, only to find that it had been hacked! Seriously? People hack twitter accounts? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard of in my life.

Anyway, after my account was hacked, it was used to spam the hell out of my followers, and pretty much everyone. Not exactly sure what they were spamming, since I sure as hell wasn’t going to click one of those links. Looked to be mainly “Easy Cash” scam links, with a few “Porn” links thrown in, just because.

I have regained my twitter account though, so that’s good. However, the spammers ended up causing the majority of my followers to quit following me. Not only that, but many of the people I had been following kicked me and banned me from following them.

So, yeah..wonderful start to a day!

  1. Rincewind says:

    sorry to hear, haven’t happened to me yet *knock on wood* but don’t see the point of hacking into a twitter account… hope you get yr followers back soon…

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