Since the release of Morrowind, I have heard people stating how much they would love to play Elder Scrolls in the form of an MMORPG. Well, there’s good news for all those people! Your wait will soon be over. You see, Bethesda has officially announced the upcoming release of their MMORPG currently titled The Elder Scrolls Online.

For anyone who’s ever played an Elder Scrolls game, this should come as no big surprise. The game pretty much plays like a single player MMO to begin with, so it’s not a far leap of the imagination to see this taking form, In fact, I am pretty sure most fans of the series already knew one would come out eventually. To be honest, I am surprised it took this long.

The game has an estimated launch of 2013, however other than the year, that’s all I know! Which quarter? Not a clue! To be honest, there’s a chance it wont even make the 2013 release date, since games have a nasty habit of not meeting their initial release date, as anyone who is familiar with games will tell you.

There is a video floating around, but I didn’t post it, because it doesn’t show much! In fact, it doesnt show anything, but has a good narrator. I can also tell you that unlike Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim, TESO will not be a console release. At least according to the websites FAQ, which states you will need a PC or MAC to play. This shouldn’t be a big surprise either, since MMOs rarely do well on a console(Though I prefer them on a console).

One thing that is important about this game, is how beloved the elder scrolls games are! How devoted its fans are, and how much attention to detail goes into an Elder Scrolls game! Let’s also keep in mind, just how massive a single player Elder Scrolls game is. Imagine how big an MMO version will be! Bottom line, I think TESO will be a real threat to WoWs dominance over the MMO market. I’m not saying it will be a “Wow Killer”, but I am saying it could potentially become one. Only time will tell.


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