The Glass House on ABC

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Tv is good
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Meet the contestants!ABC has a new reality show out this summer called “The Glass House“. The first thing you notice about this show, is that on the outside, it shares a lot of similarities with another summer reality show called “Big Brother”. However, at its core it’s — Oh, who am I kidding?! This is totally exactly like Big Brother!

The show is basically as follows: A group of people are stuck in a house together, they work as a team, and do odd little puzzles and games to win immunity from being evicted that particular week. Also, as a “twist”, the viewers also get to interact with show, through a series of votes. Everyday, the viewers get to vote on things that happen in the house. Like, what do the contestants eat, what types of party they will be given and unlike modern big brother, the viewers also vote, who goes home.

If all of that didn’t sound big brotherishy enough for you, let me also mention, that you can go to the website, and watch live streams from inside the house, but only when the streams are available.

So, it’s a lot like Big Brother, however that doesn’t make it bad! Big Brother is a great show, and one of the only positive things about the summer. Which, by default, makes The Glass House entertaining, and means I will definitely be watching. Plus, you can also watch it on HULU Plus, so that’s a bonus!

Speaking of Big Brother, shouldn’t that be on by now?!?


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