Beware the Worgen!I’ve said time and time again how crappy World of Warcraft is. I have remarked repeatedly about how stagnate the game play has gotten, and how everything is always the same. I have complained about the lack of any real story, and how RPG(Even MMOs) shouldn’t be just about grinding.

I have also applauded games like Star Trek Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online and most recently Star Wars: The Old Republic, and to a lesser extent EverQuest 2. Each of these games have polished the MMORPG experience, and brought story based gaming to the web. These games have an interesting story, and make you actually feel like you are part of this epic grandiose world. That’s what an RPG should be!

That being said, I have returned to World of Warcraft! Don’t get me wrong, the games I had applauded earlier, still have my utmost respect, however after the most recent cataclysm expansion pack, I felt world of Warcraft deserved a second look. It seems as if the game has gotten some polishing, and the newer content is actually VERY heavy story based. The Worgen story is extremely interesting, epic and most importantly fun!

Will I stick with WoW this time? Well, that all depend on how the rest of the game plays out. The Cataclysm has altered the entire game world, so almost everything is a new experience. I am eager to see all the changes, and for now at least, and probably at least for a few months, World of Warcraft will have my attention.


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