I’m not exactly sure how to review this game. Let me begin, by saying that I had never played the saints row games before. However, I saw some screenshots for Saints Row: The Third, and really wanted to check it out! Being the completionist that I am, I didn’t want to play the third, until I had completed the first 2.

I picked up all three games, and sat down for a huge Saints Row gaming marathon. The first one, I was quite impressed with, despite it being an xbox360 exclusive(I am not a huge fan of Xbox 360 anymore) It reminded me a little of San Andreas, except with better controls. The plot was good, it was long, and fulfilling, and I enjoyed it much more than I expected, in fact: I loved it!

Now, onto Saints Row 2, I played this one on the PS3, since as I said before, I am no longer a huge fan of Xbox360. The game looked a million times better than the original, the amount of customization was incredible, and while slightly over the top and ridiculous, it was still a good play! It retained the whole urban street gang aspect that I loved in the first one, and the over the topness was kind of cool in some respects, I finished it, quite pleased with it, and moved onto the Third!

The graphics in this one was so much better than the second that it blew me away! The customisation was vastly improved as well, at least in terms of character creation. True, the game lacked any good hairstyles, but other than that? Aces! In fact, I spent a good 40 mins just creating my character!

Once you get in the game, though you see right away how different the game is. It doesn’t FEEL like the past 2 chapters. It’s moved away from urban street gangs, and seems more like organised crime. As such, most of the clothes are flashy and suit like. In fact, your homies wear silk suits, and shaundi looks more like a model instead of the stoner she was in the second.

The game basically leaves the street gang behind, but keeps the slightly over the top feeling of the second and takes it to a whole new level! The game has absolutely NO shred of realism to it, in fact at one point you battle zombies! True, Zombies were present in the first and second game, but they weren’t major plot points, and unless you did certain things to bring dead people to life, you never even knew about it!

So, like I began this post saying, I am not exactly sure how to review this game. If I view the game as a sequel, it’s bad! It tears too far away from past games, it loses what little realism existed in the game, and turns the whole franchise into a joke.

However, if I review it on its own merits, and force myself to forget that it’s part of the Saints Row franchise, then it’s actually quite good! The over the topness is fun, and makes it difficult to know what’s going to happen next!

Basically, if you are expecting something similar to the previous games, then don’t bother with Saints Row: The Third. If you just want to have fun, doing some insane crazy stuff, then this is the game for you!

Interestingly enough, this is the first game that I would give an overall rating of both 1 Star(Poor) and 5 stars(Best) to.


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