FOX Cancellation Trigger Finger

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Tv is good
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Logo of the Fox Broadcasting Company

FOX has apparently gone trigger happy and has decided to cancel some of their best shows! Shows like Alcatraz, Terra Nova and “The Finder“(More on my thoughts on the cancellation of the finder in a future post). Meanwhile, they decide to renew shows like “Touch”. Seriously? Touch? Does anyone even watch that show? I didn’t care for it, but I will give it the benefit of a doubt, that some people loved it. Let’s even go on and say, that a good number of people loved it.

However, I refuse to believe, that there were more people watching TOUCH than there were watching Alcatraz, Terra Nova or “The Finder”. Which leaves me wondering, why they renewed that, and cancelled the others? I think it’s one reason, and one reason only. That reason can be summed up in one word. That word is: Kiefer.

I think the only reason it got renewed is because Kiefer is in the show, and FOX thinks the ratings will pick up after the first season, because of Kiefer. I mean, 24 was a huge hit! Clearly, it was Kiefer that made the show, and not the plots, the unique concept and playing on peoples fear of terrorism. I must be Kiefer! So, since the show has Kiefer, it stands to reason that “TOUCH” will improve.

Thing is, they are probably right. Not about Kiefer, but about more people watching TOUCH next season. However, the same thing would have happened with the other shows! Most times, I never watch a show dring season one, because stations love cancelling them! I hate watching a show, getting into it, viewing up until the season finale, watching said finale end with an epic cliff hanger, and then a few weeks later finding out that the show got the axe!

If a show is renewed a second season, I will either rent the first season, or buy the first season, watch it and begin watching the show regularly from season 2 onward.

So, want to improve you views FOX? Try keeping shows with high potential around for more than one season! Other stations do this too, but nowhere near as often as FOX. I’m almost to the point where I won’t watch a FOX show.

However, despite all my ranting about FOXs trigger finger, I am happy(and surprised) to say that “The New Girl” has gotten renewed.



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