Quantum Leaping

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Tv is good
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Sam and Al

It’s 3:30 in the morning, and instead of getting a good nights sleep, I am sitting here watching the pilot episode of Quantum Leap. Why? Well, the heat for starters! This heat makes it a little difficult to get a nights sleep, let alone a good nights sleep. So, the heat is one reason. The other reason, is because I haven’t seen Quantum Leap in YEARS.

You know what though? Even after all these years, Quantum Leap is still a fantastic show! It just doesn’t get old, which is not something that can be said for most Sci-Fi shows. To be fair though, unlike other Sci-Fi Shows, Quantum Leap doesn’t rely too heavily on special effects, so that’s probably a big reason why it has aged so well.

I really wish they would do either a reunion movie special of Quantum Leap, A Blockbuster movie, or a new TV show based on it. I really think it would do well, because how could it not? It’s Quantum Leap!



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