Mass Effect 3 Mini-Review

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Gaming
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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mass Effect games have become a staple in every RPG gamers library. It’s an epic sci-fi tale, where your choices and actions can have drastic, or minor effects. It’s an RPG where you have to make life or death choices. Choices that will not only affect that game, but future Mass Effect games as well.

The third Mass Effect game brings to an end the Sheppard Saga. The story of Sheppard and his crew aboard the Normandy. I say the Sheppard Saga, because I have a feeling that Bioware wont let this franchise go. Please note, the rest of this review may contain spoilers, however I will keep it to a minimum.

One of the biggest things I had doubts about was Mass Effect 3’s Online mode. It seems like EVERY game is releasing more and more online play dependent games. Games that don’t have a story, they exist for the sole purpose providing you with a game to play online to frag your friends and enemies.

This bothered me, because the Mass Effect games have always been about story. It worried me, that Bioware may shift the games focus to more online fragathon gameplay. They didn’t. Granted, the game is shorter than I had hoped, however it’s not due to the online play. The online play is basically a co-op game, where you play with others to secure documents, fights off enemies and so forth. It plays just like Mass Effect 3, but with more of an emphasis on combat, and absolutely none on cut-scenes and dialog choices. It’s a fun and smooth combat experience that fans of the ME series will no doubt love.

The actual game however was a bit of a disappointment. It is nothing like I expected. You choices seemed to have less of an impact on the universe than it did in past games. In fact, you would think that the game would have multiple endings, branching off from your major choices. It didn’t. There’s a total of two endings. Your final choice. Both endings are also a bit of a letdown.

OVerall I was disappointed with the single player story and choices, however the amazing graphics and fun online play made up for it. The game however is more of a rental than a buyer. As I mentioned, it’s short. So unless you are a hard-core Mass Effect fan, and NEED it to complete your collection, I highly advise renting it before buying it. If after you finish it, you still feel you need to own it, you can buy it then.


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