11 Best TV shows currently streaming on Netflix

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Tv is good, WWW and beyond!
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Netflix Streaming is a great way to watch whole seasons of your favorite shows, or discover new favorites. So, if you are looking for some of the best shows currently playing on Netflix Streaming, then consider viewing these 11 titles.

1) Lost – Plane crashes, survivors survive and try to figure out why all this weird stuff keeps happening. It’s actually much better than I describe it, but in case you haven’t seen it, I don’t want to give anything away. Suffice it to say, the show is full of twists and curves that will leave you constantly thinking.

2) Battlestar Galactica – Am I talking about the new series or the older classic? Both!

3) Firefly – A very short-lived Sci-Fi series. Short lived however doesn’t mean it wasn’t great! It was great! In fact it was so great, they made the movie Serenity, which takes place after the events of the series.

4) Buffy The Vampire SlayerSarah Michelle Geller stars in the campy TV version of Buffy The Vampire slayer. Now, I am not sure if the series picks up after the movie, or if the events in the movie ever happened. I don’t believe the show is really that clear on the point. However, it’s a good show and definitely worth watching if you haven’t already.

5) The Highlander – In the end there can be only one! It’s a show about immortals who go around trying to chop each others heads off. Whats not to love?

6) Swamp People – A reality series that follow people as they go out into the swamps and hunt gators, and other swamp dwelling creatures, but mostly just gators.

7) Destination Truth – A reality show, that follows Josh Gates, as he travels the globe looking for monsters. Everything from BigFoot to Nahuelito.

8) X-Files – A non-reality show, that follows FBI agents, Mulder and Scully as they go looking for monsters. Great show, that was insanely popular in my youth, however it’s a series I never got to see when it originally aired. Now I have a chance to see it! Thanks Netflix!

9) MacGyver – He hates guns. He makes anything you can think of using gum, safety-pin, duct tape and a Swiss army knife. He works for the phoenix foundation. What is it? I don’t know, the shows not real clear on that. What it does though, is solve other Peoples problems, apparently with only creative uses of toilet paper, pencils and a handful of powdered soap.

10) Star Trek – Which one? ALL of them! The original series, The next generation, Enterprise, Deep Space 9, Voyager and even the animated series! Ever missed a trek series? Now’s the time to fix that!

11) The Walking Dead – It’s a show about Zombies. Need I say more?!


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