My disappearance

Posted: March 24, 2012 in All about ME!
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Some of you may have noticed, that I have been missing from my blog, for the past couple of months. Not many of you, but I now at least one person noticed it! Some of you might have just went with the natural assumption that I had died. That is wrong! So, what happened you ask? Where have you been you exclaim curiously?

A few things have occurred that has taken my time away from my blog. To begin with, it’s been Winter. I have been enjoying every bloody second of it! Winter is without a doubt, the best season! So, I have been soaking up as much coolness as possible, hoping beyond hope that it will be enough coolness to keep me alive throughout this coming summer.

Then secondly, my computer decided it lacked the will to continue living. Which means I have to get it repaired and force it to live. Because my needs should come before a bloody machine dammit!

On the upside, I should begin posting more. There’s so much I want to tell and discuss with you. Keep an eye out, and subscribe!


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