Tis the season….FOR CANDY!

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Shopping treasures
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Christmas is nearly here! In just a few days in fact. It’s the time of year, when reindeer fly through the sky, and an old fat guy breaks into your house, eats your cookies, and leaves behind a gift to say “Rubadubdub, thanks for the grub!”. Not only that,but it’s also the one time a year, when it’s ok to cut down a tree, drag it into our house and throw baubles and ribbons on it, so that it can look pretty as it slowly dies. Then toss it to the curbside for the garbage man!

Apparently it also has something to do with Jesus being born or something. However the main reason christmas is so damn popular is because it’s a day that you get presents! Yea, you also have to give presents, but if you are lucky, then you get more presents than what you give, and you can make out like a bandit!

As for me personally, I am not a huge fan of christmas. Bad things tend to happen around the holidays, and to be honest, I am usually on edge and quite grumpy this time of year. Don’t get me wrong, if someone gives me a present, I will gladly accept it, and I will even give gifts. However, I don’t deck my halls with boughs of holly, or go out in the middle of the night with a group of friends singing carols.

That being said, I do go out and get candy! Why? Christmas is the third best holiday for holiday exclusive candies! Easter being 1st, and Halloween being second. I will admit that a lot of Christmas candy is shaped like Santa Clause, but not all of them are! The rest is all cane shaped!

When I was a kid, Candy Canes came in one flavor. Peppermint! Sure, as I grew into a young adult, they came out with Cherry Candy Canes, but when I was around 5, Different Flavored Candy Canes would have sounded so sci-fi! Now, not only is there still Peppermint and Cherry, but a boat load of other flavors! Almost every flavor you could think of can be found in cane shaped sugary goodness.

So, since Christmas is so close, I decided it was high-time to head down to the local grocery store and pick me up some candy canes. When I got there, I noticed they had 2 new candy cane flavors I had not ever seen before! Sure, maybe they were there last year, and I didn’t notice it because I was so thrilled to find out cadbury mini-eggs also came in a christmas flavor(Which sadly I could not find this year).

So, being the festive SOB that I am, I picked ’em up!

First it's sour, then it's sweet! Christmas magic at work.

This ones just sour...no sweet, deal with it!

So, yea. Long story short: It’s almost christmas, and they got some new candy canes. They taste good.


  1. oh for the love of all things….please let those sour patch candy canes exist this year! YUM!

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