Terra Nova (TV series)

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It’s that time of year again, When television stations wheel out a batch of new shows for your viewing pleasure. Some of these shows are Kick-Ass and time well spent watching. While others suck so much, that they have yet to invent a word to describe the level of suckitude.

So, I decided to give you my impression of just a few of the new shows I found myself watching, as well as a couple returning favorites!

Terra Nova
This is probably my favorite new Series. I mean, it’s got dinosaurs, Time Travel, and an underlying mystery. What more could you want? Plus the CGI and scenery is gorgeous, so that’s an added bonus!

Have you ever seen one of those Comedy TV shows, that has a character that’s an aspiring actor or actress? I am sure you have, it’s not like it’s a rare concept.

Now, in that comedy do you remember the episode where the aspiring actor/actress got a job in some TV show? Then they have the segment of the episode where the actor/actress sits around the TV with their friends to watch the TV show the actor/actress got the part for?

Remember how cheesy and just stupid the fake TV show clip was? Now, imagine that fake cheesy TV episode clip stretched into a real 30 min episode. That’s what Whitney is like! It’s just that bad!

Up All Night
A show about a couple who have recently become first time parents.

As terribly boring as that plot is, that’s about the best part of the show so far. It’s just 30 mins of a couple whining and complaining about the effort of taking care of a child. So far anyway, as episodes air, that might change. So far though, not my cup of tea, and not even Christina Applegate can keep my interest in this show.

This seems like it could be a decent show, however the story seems to be unfolding rather slowly, and therefore losing my interest rather quickly.

New Girl
My favorite new comedy! Of course, that could be because Zooey Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses. I say this, because the show doesn’t really seem to be everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, everyone that I know, that has seen it, didn’t care for it.

This season isn’t just about new shows though! There are tons of shows coming back for new seasons, so I felt it only fair that I discuss some Returning favorites as well!

Dancing With the Stars
Big Brother may be over, but DWtS has just begun! So, far I am fairly impressed with the stars this year, and think this seasons star power as a whole, is probably the most dance floor talented cast that has graced previous seasons.

That being said, it also has Nancy Grace dancing around, which is a disappointment. Not because I dislike nancy either, but because in my opinion she is a horrible dancer! I don’t know how she survived the first few eliminations!

I am really getting fed up with the whole heaven/hell/angels storyline of supernatural. This has been going on for a few seasons now, and I would rather it go back to typical demon/monster slaying! Focus on some shape shifters and vamps! Forget the angels!

Two and a Half Men
I am going to be blunt here. This season sucks! Why? Because of Ashton Kutcher, that’s why! His character acts like a total dumbass! It’s almost the same character as Kelso, and to be honest, Kelso wasn’t my favorite 70’s show character.

Plus, Ashtons character is a dumbass! So is Jon Cryer‘s character! That’s two dumbasses playing off of each other without a straight man! Sheen was Cryers Straight man, and it worked brilliantly! Now, no straight man!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the show wouldn’t work without sheen, in fact I think if they had John Stamos playing opposite of cryer as a straight man, it might even be better than when Sheen played in it.

Sure, a lot of people tuned into watch it. Who wouldn’t? With all the controversy surrounding the show and Sheen, everybody watched it! Even my Grandma, and my Granny doesn’t watch anything! Just because people tuned in, doesn’t mean they will continue to, once they see what all the ruckus was about.

Bottom line, if I were to guess, I would say this would be two and a half men’s last season, it might be able to squeeze out one more after this, but even if they did, I highly doubt it would go much further than that.

It’s ok though, the series has had a good long run.


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