What a Google Street View!

Posted: September 10, 2011 in WWW and beyond!
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Hand I'm bored

Image via Wikipedia

The internet if nothing else, is a great way to pass time when you are bored. With sites like Mindjolt, Crackle, Twitter, TMZ and of course visiting random blogs(Which, if I might add, is what 90% of my readerbase is from! Hello random blog reader!).

My personal choices for time killing websites though is Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Second Life and Google Street view.

Google Street view you ask? Yes! What is it I do on there? Well, that varies. Most of the time I will pick some random location from somewhere around the world, then use google street view to explore it! Other times I will stroll around areas I used to live. Sometimes, it’s a good time killer, other times you stumble across things like this!

Now, Google has a habit of removing things from street view, when something get’s mentioned on the interwebs, so in case you go there, and see a black screen or see the side of a building, I will also include a picture of how it looks at the time of this writing.



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