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For many people, when they hear the words “Solo” and “MMORPG” used together in the same sentence, they tend to go bat-shit insane. They react as if someone just said their momma wore combat boots! It’s actually quite scary. However, Scary or not, Let me be clear on one thing: I am an MMORPG Soloist. Let the Bat-shittery commence!

Wait for the crazies to settle down. Wait for it.

Ok, I am assuming the lunatics had time to calm down, so I will continue.

Why do people get so worked up about someone playing an MMORPG solo? I don’t know! If they want to group, more power to them. Me playing solo has absolutely no fucking affect on them, since they will be in a group and I clearly will not be. So why get all worked up? Many people will say it pisses them off because it ruins the spirit of the MMORPG, and that if you want to play Solo, then go play a Solo RPG, like an elder scrolls game or something similar. These same people also fucking love to point out the word “Multiplayer” abbreviated in MMORPG.

These same people of course, are also douchebaggy dumbshits.

“Multiplayer” means more than one person playing the game. Last I looked, there is more than one person playing the game even if I am doing it solo. multiplayer does NOT mean Grouped. If it did, clearly it would be called “Group Required Online Role Playing Game” and while GRORPG may not be as catchy as MMORPG, it would still get the point across.

Bottom line, you can enjoy the multiplayer aspect of an MMORPG without being grouped. For instance, Even though I solo I still enjoy multiplayer activities that can’t be achieved in single player games. Examples are as follows.

PvP – I like to enter not just arenas, but also if I spot a lone adventurer adventuring that’s about my level, I like to engage them in combat. I also enjoy having to watch the area, and pay attention to my surroundings in case of a surprise player attack. This couldn’t be done in a single player RPG.

Role Playing – Yeah, the OTHER abbreviation in MMORPG that douche bags tend to have no problem ignoring, since it doesn’t fit their ideal of game play. I like to take on the role of a character, and play it, interacting with others along the way. Can this be done in a single player? No! (On a side note, this is also another reason I solo. I play games for the story, and groups tend to want to rush. I like to read the quest dialog, and appreciate it. Soak it all up, so that I can get a feel for the setting, to better evolve my character. This doesn’t tend to sit well with groups who are in a rush for their epic lewtz)

Crafting & Auctioning – I like to craft things, venture to the auction house and sell my things that I have made. Also, to sell items I have found, for more than what the vendor will buy it for. It gives me an alternate way to make money.

Occasional Grouping – I like to occasionally group up with a friend who might play on the rare occasion. However, I also want to be able to play on my own, whenever I want. I just want the OPTION to include my friends in the adventure with me, not be FORCED to run with people I hardly know, just to get some quest done.

Activities – Let’s be honest here folks! MMORPGs will always be larger than a single player RPG! It will have always increasing content, and also have special holiday events. This is something that doesn’t happen in single player games. A single player game does not evolve with or without you! It does not have new quests just suddenly appear that weren’t there before or programmed to be there.

Bottom line is this: No matter how advanced a single player RPG is, it will NEVER provide the continued growth or entertainment value that an MMORPG will.

Lastly, let me just say this — You don’t like that I play solo, even though it has no effect on you? Well, Fuck you. I don’t like that you don’t Role play which DOES affect my characters enjoyment. Do you see me bitching and whining? NO! Why? because your 15 bucks a month is worth just as much as mine, and vice versa. We each pay the same, and have the right to BOTH enjoy the game that we pay for, however we see fit.

That’s all I gotta say about that.

  1. Zombie Chimp says:

    I’m more or less a soloer myself, at least I was when I played MMORPGs. I found that when you solo you can play for as long as you want, you don’t have to wait for anyone else… and more importantly you don’t have to deal with any idiots.

    To me, the people who dick on about why we should all multiplayer, are exactly the same sort of people who make soloing seem a much better option for me.

    I’m glad there’s the ability to do group stuff if and when I feel like it, but the emphasis is definitely on the words “when ‘I’ feel like it.”

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