Star Trek Online

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With the success of commercial MMORPGs going Free-to-play, Cryptics success with its Champions Online MMORPG switching to a f2p model, and Perfect World‘s recent purchase of Cryptic, it should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, that Star Trek Online will also be switching to a Free to Play model later this year.

How will this affect the game? Well, since they haven’t released any details about how it will be set-up yet, I can’t rightly say. However, I do know, that Champions Online blended seamlessly into it’s F2P model, and I imagine the game company will take similar steps toward making the STO F2P model work.

My only concern is UGC. How will this F2P model impact UGC and it’s content creating community? I am sure free accounts won’t be able to create missions, but will they have the ability to play them? Will they have to purchase a pass? So many questions that still need answering.

What’s this mean for my subscription? Will I switch to a free model or continue to subscribe and be a “Gold” character? That answers easy! I’ll remain a gold account. I have been a subscriber since it came out, and I don’t see any reason to switch.


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