BB13: Evictions and Death Threats

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Tv is good
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Things have been crazy on Big Brother 13 this year! We have had Dick pull out early(No pun intended, but it was still a pretty cool pun no matter how you look at it), House guests bound together as pairs, Grown-ass women stealing Peoples stuffed dogs, returning favorites and probably a whole lot of other things that I can’t even remember off the top of my head.

The last week however, has been one of the craziest! It started out when Shelly betrayed her alliance with Jeff and Jordan by stabbing them in the back, and sending Jeff marching off to the jury house. Naturally this pissed Jordan off, and she finally stood up for herself and ripped shelly a new one.

There’s a lot more to this week, but seriously, go visit a spoiler site or even better, watch the show!

Anyway, at the end of the week, Shelly ended up walking out the door, because nobody comes between Rachel and her friend! Ok, she didn’t say that, but in my mind, I totally pictured her saying it. So, it totally counts!

Anyway, now Shelly is gone, but the drama isn’t over yet!

You see, Jeff and Jordan, being not only a damn cute couple, are considered by many fans to be “America’s Sweethearts” and clearly are fan favorites. So, when Shelly backstabbed Jeff, then got into Jordans face and was screaming at her, it caused some of Jeff/Jordan fans to basically go batshit insane!

These fans, went fucking berserk and started sending death threats to shelly’s family, or at least that’s what TMZ says! Seriously? Death threats to Shelly’s family? Even her daughter? What the hell people?!

Remember, Big Brother, at the end of the day, is just a fucking game. So, let me try to put this in perspective for you. It would be like, you and I were playing a heated game of Battleship. I call out “E-3!”, you see that E-3 would hit your ship, so you decide to fucking cheat, and move it, then lie to me, and tell me it was a miss! Congratulations, you just used Shelly’s big brother Strategy of cheating and lying through your teeth.

Now, let’s pretend I have friends, which clearly I do not! But, let’s pretend for a second that I do. These friends, think it’s bullshit that you lied and cheated in Battleship, and then proceeds to hunt down your family, and tell them they are now going to pay the ultimate price for your cheating ways.

It’s fucking nuts!

That being said, I would also like to point out, that Jordan and Jeff are honest people, and very nice and caring. Which is clearly why they became fan favorites. Do you honestly think they would support death threats to Peoples family? No! They would be as disgusted with you as I am!

Don’t get me wrong, I hate Shelly, and if I never see her again, it will be too soon, but I would never EVER do that shit. Why? because I am sane, and if you are one of the people doing death threats, you clearly are not!

Get thee to a fucking nuthouse!


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