Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Gaming
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As far back as the NES days, Castlevania has been known for 2 things — Shitty graphics, and side scrolling action. The newest Castlevania game takes both and throws them out a window.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, like most newer games based on a classic franchise has decided to move from a side scroller format, to a 3D roaming setting. This gives the player more freedom, and gives them a sense of discovery while traversing and exploring their new surroundings. Plus, it’s kind of expected nowadays.

On top of the new roaming setting, the game series got injected with an extra dose of kick-ass graphics, that rival most games currently out.

Let me be blunt, and address the elephant in the room. Yes, C:LoS is a clone of the God of War game series. In fact, someone not really paying attention to what you are playing, could be forgiven for thinking it was God of War III. So, if you hate the God of War games, I am pretty sure you will hate this game. It’s kind of a given.

There are a few issues I have with this game. The first, and the biggest is the difficulty of the game. Instead of gradually increasing in difficulty, allowing you to get comfortable with the controls, C:LoS just decides to let it rip! Thankfully the first boss is easy, but since he’s a tutorial boss, that’s to be expected! After that, your next boss is fairly simple, and not too much of a complaint. The third boss however, is a gigantic pain in the ass! Now, for people who have played God of War, it might be simple, but you’ve had three fucking games to adjust to those gameplay mechanics. It’s like the developers just expected people to have already played GoW, and they feel they don’t need to slowly train you.

Controls of the game, again, an almost exact copy of GoW, so if you are used to it, you will do fine. For me though, I had an issue with the camera controls, or lack there of. This particular issue pissed me off in the GoW games as well. If I want to turn my camera around and look behind my character, I should damn well be allowed to!

Don’t get me wrong, im not saying it’s shit! It has Patrick Stewart doing the fucking voice in there, how could anyone say anything bad about it? That’s like bad mouthing the entire Enterprise crew!

What I am saying however, is that the game wasn’t that enjoyable for me. Some people will love the game to know end. In fact some people do! Like this guy, who apparently loves it so much he decided to become the main character Gabriel Belmont. Creepy? Sure! However, he clearly loves this fucking game!

Also, on the upside, the GoW games are insanely popular, and are playstation exclusives, which means Xbox only owners never had the honor to experience this ground breaking game series. So, since C:LoS is multi-platform, Xbox owners now get a chance to experience something similar to GoW.


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