Bye-Bye Evel Dick!

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Tv is good
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Fans of Big Brother 13(BB13) were treated to a new twist this season, The show paired people up in duos, and brought some power couples from the past, back into the game. The returning favorites was Rachel and Brendon, or more commonly referred to as Brenchel, The American Sweethearts Jeff and Jordan, and of course the Donatos, Dick(Or Evel Dick, whichever you prefer) and Danielle.

However, fans of the series who might have turned into Big Brother After Dark on Showtime, or the Big Brother Live feeds might have noticed something was missing! The missing factor? Evel Dick!

Many sources began cranking out rumor after rumor. Some sources were saying he had became ill, others said someone in his family was injured, and still others stated that he had been arrested for some odd reason. Rumors literally were flying all over the web.

I decided to hold off on talking about Evel Dicks disappearing, until facts were actually known, because I don’t deal in rumors, and to be honest; Rumors don’t help anyone!

So, why did Dick disappear from the house? As of the time of this writing, nobody but CBS and Evel Dick really knows, so don’t go believing everything you read on the interwebs! There has however been some announcements, which might shed a little light on the situation however.

CBS issued a statement stating the following:

“Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday.  His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13,”

Evel Dick also posted a statement on his twitter page;

I will be releasing a public video statement on @RTVZonein the next couple days concerning my departure from the Big Brother House, But to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don’t have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out. Don’t bother asking me questions, I won’t be answering… I will let you know when my public statement is posted on @RTVZone. Thanks for all the concern and well wishes.

So, there you have it! Nobody currently knows, and won’t know until either weds BB episode, or Dicks RTVZone announcement, whichever comes first.

His disappearance from the house is a shame though. While I am not a huge fan of his, I do know he and his assholery would totally have ruled the BB house. Without him, it looks like it is just going to be night after night of people playing that chanting game, “Big Booty!” and “Would you rather…?”


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