Infamous 2 Easter Eggs

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Gaming
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Sucker Punch Productions

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Infamous 2 on the Playstation 3 not only is a great game from Sucker Punch, but it’s also chock full of easter eggs, which isn’t that surprising considering how huge the game world is. Why wouldn’t they hide things that would amuse those who took the time to explore the city that they put so much effort into.

Here are just three easter eggs I have discovered, as well as some screen shots of the easter egg. If you have found some, please share with us, by posting a comment below!

Red Ring Electronics is apparently a chain of electronic stores located in New Marais, as it can be found in several locations throughout the city. This is obviously a jab at the Xbox 360, and its “Infamous” Red Ring of Death.

While traveling through New Marais, you will eventually make your way to the red light district, which is full of brothels and theaters showing movies, apparently named after popular video games. Two titles not shown in the above screenshot is “Call of Booty” and “Uncharted Love”.

The above screenshot can be found written on some of the Roof tops in Flood Town, and if you are having trouble reading it, it says “I AM STARVING!” and then below it, someone has scrawled in orange text “You can has Cheeseburger”, which if you have spent more than 15 minutes on the web, you probably already know about the website:, which is obviously what the above is a reference to.

So, what have you found in your journey through New Marais?!


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