Happy Rapture Eve Day!

Posted: May 20, 2011 in General, News and current events
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Tomorrow is May 21st, and if you have been watching the news, or paying attention to those people on street corners with cardboard signs, you also are aware that tomorrow is also the day of the Rapture. Apparently, the rapture is the begining of the end. It’s apparently the day that the “Chosen” are taken up into heaven and the rest of us little peons will be stuck down here on earth.

What happens to the folks stuck on earth? Well, from my limited understanding, we are tortured. Earthquakes, floods, and zombie apocalypse. Other than the zombie thing, I thought we were already experiencing all that! Anyway, that’s supposed to continue for 5 months. Then on October 21st, God (Or maybe Jesus, I forget which)will just grow bored with torturing his little ant colony, and smite us.

Plenty of excitement to go around! It all starts tomorrow, May 21st! Oh crap, I just realised. I don’t know what Time Zone the Rapture is going by. Maybe it’s already started?

Ok, before i end this post, obviously I am not a believer in the Rapture. I know there is a small number of religious fanatics that either believe it, or claim to believe it so they can be on TV. Is that it though? I mean, not a lot of people believe in it right? It’s not like most religious people believe this?

If you are believer in the May 21st Rapture, I want to know! If you are a religious person and you didn’t believe in the rapture, I want to know! Just leave me a comment!

  1. ZAdoubleQ says:

    I’m an atheist. But:
    The Rapture’s totally real, man. But it’s not God that’s coming down to judge us. It’s Justin Timberlake. My blog explains more.

  2. anthony says:

    Old dragon breath has to show up first …

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