My thoughts on new series: Breaking In

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Tv is good
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Christian Slater, 2004

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Tonight I sat down, and watched the last two episodes of the new FOX television series “Breaking In“, and I wasn’t too disappointed. The premise is good, and the show is entertaining. It also has a great cast! To begin with, it has Christian Slater as the head honcho, although he isn’t in it as much as I would like to see, since Christian Slater is my favorite actor, and ranks right up there with Joe Pesci and Kevin Spacey.

Another actor who you will find in the series is Bret Harrison, who you might remember from the hit Sci-Fi series “V”, or even from his role as Sam Oliver in “Reaper”, and another face you might recognise is that of “Smallville” actor, Michael Rosenbaum, though I couldn’t place the face right away, because he looks different with hair.

The show has also had an appearance by the lovely twitterholic Alyssa Milano. Will she be a regular? Semi-Regular? I haven’t a clue! She has only been in 1 out of the 2 episodes that have aired, but she has still been in it!

So, what exactly is Breaking In? Well, it’s a Dramedy, that seems to borrow heavily from Timothy Hutton’s TV show “Leverage”, however instead of group of con-men for hire, they are a group of security specialists for hire. People Hire the group to break In to their homes, businesses, companies or whatever, to find holes in their security systems, before the criminals can find them.

Needless to say, the idea can lead to many potential plot developments, so we shall see where it goes from here, but so far I think the show is aces, and as the show advances and grows, I sincerely feel it will last for several seasons.

If the show fails however, I do believe that it will be because of the length of the episodes. Most Dramedies on Television are an hour-long. You need that time to fit in your evolving story, Which is where Breaking In fumbles the ball! The show is only a half hour-long! The length of your standard American Sitcom.

How does the time restraints affect the show? Everything feels forced, like there are parts missing, parts that needed to be there, in order to tell the story in a more complete and enjoyable manner.


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