Foundry goes live!

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Gaming, MMORPGs
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Star Trek Online

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The foundry has finally gone live on the holodeck server of Star Trek Online. For those not in the know, the foundry allows its users to creat and play User Created Missions, or more commonly referred to as User Generated Content(UGC). The Foundry has been available for beta testing on the Star Trek Online Tribble server for a while, however it’s now finished and on the main live server, so that everyone can make all their star trek stories and ideas come to life.

Why is this such a big deal? because it increases the content of Star Trek Online, by leaps and bounds. Their will be new missions added, not just weekly but daily! Will the missions be any good though? Well, if you ask any sci-fi geek, he will tell you that star trek fans are one of the most creative groups of people you will find. So, yes! The UGC has high potential for some fantastic missions and stories. In fact, even though The Foundry has been out but for a few days, there are already a few good stories out! Don’t believe me? Check out to Helna and Back, Deep Space 11 and Dissent Part I: Walking in the Air. These are but a few of the already great stories published in just a couple of days.

Granted, at the moment, most of the stories aren’t high quality, however that’s because people are learning the tools and creating basic missions in order to get a feel for things. When they do however, the great missions will come pouring in!

This also means that there will be more missions available for the Klingon faction. As most STO players are aware, the Klingons have been largely ignored in terms of missions, quests and klingon exclusive storylines, because they were intended to be used mainly for PVP, however now the users and players have a chance to change all that, since they themselves can begin making content for the klingon faction.

Basically, the Foundry has some huge potential and I am very excited to see where all this leads.


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