Star Trek: Early Voyages – Final Issue

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Comics
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One of the most common things known about me, is that I read, collect and enjoy Comic books.In fact, my favorite comic company is Marvel Comics, though I am definitely not a Marvel Fanboy, as I also enjoy a number of titles from DC comics. I just tend to prefer Marvel, since their stories have just a little more realism to them. At least as much realism as you can have when you are producing stories about people in colorful tights swinging through Manhattan on spider webs. I am mentioning all of this here, because while my love for comics is pretty much common knowledge, I am not 100% sure if I have mentioned it here in my blog.

Another thing I enjoy is Sci-Fi. I am also one of those sci-fi geeks, who enjoy both star wars and star trek equally, and really don’t prefer one over the other, since I firmly believe they are both fantastic franchises in their own right.

All that being said, it’s now time to get down to the meat of this post.

I was digging around in my comic collection and came across a Star trek comic, which was produced by Marvel Comics. The series was titled “Star Trek: Early Voyages” and the only one I had, was the Special Final issue. I originally had picked it up, because to be honest, it was the first time I had seen the title, otherwise I would have gotten the whole series, but the other reason I picked it up, was because it was the final issue. I am a sucker for first issues and final issues.

Anyway, I flipped through the book, and looked at the back of the mag, where they say their farewells, and how great it’s been producing the comic, and how they hope you had as much reading them, as they did producing them. You know the routine.

Anyway, after their “Good-bye”, there was a little blurb. I will quote it here.

Attention to all subscribers of EARLY VOYAGES – after this issue, your subscription will be transferred to IRON MAN! Face it, True Believer – You’ve definitely hit the jackpot! If you already have a subscription to IRON MAN, it will be extended accordingly!

To that I say: Huh?!

How does that even make sense?! Where do I start? To begin with, how fucked up is that? If I were subscribing I would be seriously pissed off! To begin with, I think it’s a tad unfair that they willingly took your cash, then cancelled the stories you were interested in, but then to add insult to injury, they decide instead of returning your money prorated, they would just keep it, and pick out a comic themselves to send to you!

Hey, if they want to keep your cash, fine! At least give the subscribers a choice of what comic they want though! It’s their money! They should have a choice on what it goes for!

Speaking of choices? The whole “your subscription will be transferred to IRON MAN! Face it, True Believer – You’ve definitely hit the jackpot!” line? Just stupid! To begin with, they cancelled the comic that the subscriber was interested in! That’s what the subscriber wanted to read. If they wanted Iron Man, they would have subscribed to Iron Man to begin with! So, I ask you, how the hell is that hitting the jackpot? What it should say is “Face it subscriber – You definitely got screwed and didn’t even get taken to dinner first!”

That’s pretty much all the ranting I have regarding that.

  1. kspeacht says:

    I am wondering if there were any other Star Trek comics that they were producing at that time because if there were, and their subscribers were not transfered to that, then that is even more messed up. Poo Poo on you dear Marvel. (and I mean that in the nicest way since Shaide loves you so much :D)

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