The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, 1957

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The time is here! The time is here!
It’s been yet again another year!
One more year, since the year before,
and many, many more, since 1904!

In your life, you did many great deeds!
You provided us with many great reads!
You wrote about eggs, that were colored green
and about grinches, who were really mean!
You told of fishes both red and blue,
and of an elephant who once heard a who!

I say in all seriousness, and not in jest!
Your stories were great! better than best!
They are still read, they stood the test!
I think they are better than all the rest!

Wish you were around, to hear how I say,
How much I miss you in this world of today,
and how thankful I am of all that you did,
and loved all the stories you gave to this kid.

So, even though you aren’t here today.
I had something I really wanted to say.
You brought me joy, You helped me play,
and now I wish you a happy birthday!

–By Shaide–

  1. Riley O.o says:

    I love this!

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