A farewell to mygamercard.net

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Gaming, WWW and beyond!
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History of video game consoles (sixth generation)

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MyGamercard.net was a webservice that allowed you to create an Xbox 360 Gamercard, to proudly display on your website or blog. I used it, as did many other gaming bloggers. Unfortunately, the website shut it’s doors, and left many without a gamercard badge to show of on their website.

However, after looking around the web, I found a service that fits me perfetly, and it might fit you as well. The website is called ZaamIT, and too, allows you to create a gamercard for your blog! In fact, I am using it now.

True, the styles are limited, but they are unique, and I believe that there is a style that will fit most everyone! So, if you are one of the people who found yourself out in the cold, you should at least check this service out. You might find yourself surprised.


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