Television does not = Reality

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Gaming, Hollywood spotlight!, MMORPGs, Tv is good
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Mr. T

Image by dmason via Flickr

You know what cracks me up? People who see something on TV and think, because the boob-tube told them so, it must be fact. Take for instance those television commercials for World of Warcraft, where they have a celebrity, most notably Mr. T and William Shatner, talking about the game. People see these ads, and automatically assume these ACTORS play the game.

Now, personally, I have no idea if they play WoW or not, however I have trouble imagining William Shatnet sitting down at his computer with a bottle of Mountain Dew and gearing up for a weekend raid. I however do know that people in commercials and Movies and TV shows are ACTORS, unless it’s stated otherwise, and an ACTORs job is to ACT a certain way.

For those of you who might be slightly dense, ACTING is basically pretending. ACTORS get paid to pretend, so just because Mr. T and William Shatner are ACTING on a WoW commercial, does not automatically mean they play WoW, or even that they play video games at all!

Keep in mind, Mr. T also acted as a mercenary in the A-Team television series, but I doubt if you paid him a few bucks, that he would travel to some south american country, and rescue your friend or family member from a dictator.

Just sayin’.


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