EQOA: Frontiers (cover)

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Sony Online Entertainment recently released DC Universe Online. The game was released on both PC and PS3, and though they are on both platforms, they aren’t cross-platform. Meaning, PS3 users will only be playing with PS3 subscribers, and PC players will only be playing with PC subscribers.

Before the game was even released, PC gamers were whining and complaining about it. Mainly they were bitching and moaning about the game being released on the Playstation 3. They believe that MMORPGs don’t belong on consoles. They feel that MMORPGs should remain on computers. Personally, I disagree. I believe that MMORPGs can work very well on consoles if done right. I believe people who whine about MMORPGs being on consoles simply want the game genre they prefer to be on their gaming platform of choice. Basically, they want to hold the MMORPG genre over the head of consoles gamers and brag about what they have that the console gamers don’t. They basically just want to feel superior.

In all actuality, MMORPGs play quite well on consoles. EverQuest Online Adventures proved that 7 years ago. It’s still running with a healthy community even today. Granted, EQOA was a console exclusive MMORPG, so it was designed for Console controls, but it still showed that an MMORPG could work on a console, even a subscription based one.

Granted, Final Fantasy 11 on consoles didn’t turn out that well, but in all fairness, the game wasn’t even that great on the PC! So, it’s not overly surprising tha the console release turned out abysmal. In fact, it pretty much killed MMORPGs on consoles. After that, nobody really had the balls to do it again.

Until recently, with the release of DCUO of course. The end result? Smooth as silk! A perfect console MMORPG. I have bought it on both the PS3 as well as the PC and am pleased completely with both releases, although to be fair, I prefer the console version over the PC release, and spend more time playing it.

Granted, I am not saying EVERY game would work on a console. However some games would play just fine on a consoles! Games like Star Trek Online and Champions online. Even Dungeons and Dragons online with a little fiddling would play well on a console.

in fact Champions online, even allows use of the Xbox 360 PC gamepad, and when I play CO, I rarely ever use the keyboard or mouse. It just plays so much better with a gamepad!

Games like EverQuest or World of Warcraft though? I don’t believe they would play well on a console. However, I have heard of people who play WOW using an XBOX 360 PC controller, and a third-party program called Xpadder that allows you to play any game with a gamepad. In fact, there are some vids on youtube of people doing this. However, it looks complicated to set up, and even more complicated to play.


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