Hall of Justice (comics)

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The other night I found myself channel surfing, and flipping through pointless channel after channel. After awhile, I paused on QVC as I occasionally do when all the infomercials are lame, and there’s absolutely nothing on TV.

I watched it for a little bit, and the host, whose name I obviously don’t know, was talking about New Years, and she mentioned that “Everyone makes New Years Resolutions, even if they are unwilling to admit it”.

As far as I am concerned, that’s a load of zebra manure! I can’t speak for everyone, though apparently she can. However, I can speak for myself, and fact of the matter is; I do not make new years resolutions, in fact! I don’t celebrate New Years at all. I don’t watch the ball drop, I don’t run out at the stroke of midnight whooping and hollering like a madman. I don’t do anything like that.

Seriously though, what’s the point in celebrating? All a new year signifies is you are a little older, and that much closer to the grave. It also means a brand new year of increased taxes and price hikes and several disasters somewhere in the world.

So depressing.

Anyway, enough about me ranting, the point of this post was that I don’t make resolutions. Now, if the QVC host had said that everyone has made a resolution at some point in their life, then maybe! I did, when I was younger, make resolutions. Of course, to be fair, this was when I was 6 or 7. I am not even sure if they could really even be considered resolutions, since at that age, I didn’t fully grasp the point of resolutions. I used to think that a New Years resolution, was basically just a wish, that would come true. Kind of like when you blow the candle out on your birthday cake.

So, I ended up with resolutions of joining the Hall of Justice, and earning 100 dollars so I could be a millionaire, and of course the most important resolution of all: To join G.I. Joe. In fact, I even had a code name picked out for me. It was a truly kick-ass Codename that would rival even “Snake-Eyes“. My Codename; The Kid.

Clever huh? It suited me too, because at the time I was a kid. I don’t know what my specialty would have been, since clearly I didn’t think that far ahead.


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