Dana Dane 4 Ever

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There was a time, when Rap and Hip-Hop was enjoyable to me. That was before it became filled with the profanity and violence that exist in the genre today. We’re talking back when DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were cranking out tunes about how your parents just don’t understand.

Ok, granted his tunage was mainly aimed for the younger people, but at least the lyrics were clean and enjoyable. That’s more than I can say about music from any genre that kids listen to today.

God, I never thought I would think something like that. It’s proof right there, that I am in fact getting old.

Anyway, I got to thinking about hip-hop from my past, and remembered an artist who went by the name Dana Dane. He performed a few popular songs at the time, however the two that stick out in my mind the most, is Nightmares of the night, and Cinderfella.

So, since I was thinking about him, I got to wondering just what he was up to now, and I decided to Google him. The first site that popped up was of course his site, danadane.com of course. So, I clicked to head on over to his site, and was treated to hm actually singing out his URL.

This got me wondering, How cool would it be to have my domain URL sung?! Seriously, I wonder how much Dana Dane would charge to sing “Shaide blog dot com”. That would kick ass! That right there, is a brilliant business idea!


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