Season Finale already?!

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Tv is good
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The Walking Dead

Image by andres musta via Flickr

After watching last nights episode of The Walking Dead on AMC, I did something that I normally don’t do. I watched the “Next week on…” section, and was disappointed to hear them say “Next week, on the season Finale of The Walking Dead”. Season Finale? Already?

What the hell?

How can this show be having a season finale already? It’s only been on for 6 episodes! The show has been doing well in ratings, but with the show only lasting 6 episodes before going to season finale, I have a feeling, that when the show comes back for a second season, it won’t do as well as it has been doing.

Why do I think this? Well, to begin with, I don’t think the show has picked up enough steam in just 6 episodes, to manage to stick in the minds of its viewers over the course of a season break. It’s just six episodes, and no matter how good a show is, 6 episodes just won’t cut it!

Hell, even during that writers strike not too long ago, many popular shows suffered a huge drop in ratings, because they were only able to get out about 11 episodes for the season, and that’s almost double what Walking Dead will have.

Honestly, I hope I am wrong, because I love the show, and would love to see it continue for 20 seasons! Hopefully, it did manage to build up enough steam in that short amount of time to keep the interest alive.


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