Problem with Joes Adventure (Mafia II DLC)

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Gaming
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Image by bigdigo via Flickr

When I first heard the news that Mafia 2 was being released, I was drooling at the mouth. The screen shots, trailers and everything else seemed incredible! I pre-ordered the game, and loved it as I played it, but ultimately found the game way too short.

However, recently Mafia II has been releasing some Downloadable Content, which is adding extra missions, and more story. This of course is costing you extra, however after spending double the amount of the game on DLC, you end up with a game about as long as a regular game should be.

Obviously, I didn’t purchase any of the previous DLC for Mafia II, because while I like the idea of DLC, I hate when companies ship out a partial game and then fluff it up with DLC at extra cost, just so you can get what should have been included to begin with.

However, when Joes Adventures got released, I did have to buy it, because Joe was my favorite character. So, I bought it! I plopped down 800 Microsoft Points, and I began to download. After the download, I dusted off my Mafia II disc, plunked it in and began playing.

That’s when the problem occurred. After choosing to play Joes Adventures, choosing a save location and then picking a game difficulty setting, the game began to load, and load, and load. Basically, it would keep loading and not begin the game! This ticked me off, and I figured it might be a bug, and thought I would need to wait for a patch or something.

After waiting awhile, I began to get anxious, because I wanted to play what I had paid for. So, I tried clearing the cache of my xbox 360, and then tried playing the game, and associated DLC. After choosing the difficulty, it switched to loading, and then when I thought it was going to stick again, it loaded!

Bottom line: Clearing Cache seemed to do the trick, so if you are having problems with Joes Adventures, try that! It also speeds up some games, like Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Mass effect series, Fallout Series, and pretty much any game that relies heavily on DLC. So, it might be worth doing, even if you aren’t having problems with Joes Adventures or other Xbox 360 DLCs

  1. Malik says:

    Please i have the same loading problem and i have been able to figure it out yet. How do i clear the catch of my pc? can please mail to me i am soo eager to play this game.

  2. Malik says:

    sorry there is a mistake in my first post i mean i have NOT been able. Please i have the same loading problem and i have NOT been able to figure it out yet. How do i clear the catch of my pc? can please mail to me i am soo eager to play this game.

  3. shaide says:

    unfortunately, I havent played the game on PC, and to be honest, not sure what could be causing the issue on a PC, other than the system it’s self being slowed down. You might want to try the steps found on this website:

    Hopefully that helps! It’s a fun add-on!

  4. Alex says:

    If you have the loading problem download the update3 and install it …in that foldar may be another folder named skidrow in wich is another folder named pc.Copy THE FILES FROM THE FOLDER…NOT THE FOLDER JUST THE FILES FROM IT AND COPY THEM INTO PC FOLDER IN mafia 2 folder(where you have installed the game).It should work.PS:firsdt you have to install upadate 3 and then copy the files.If yuo want the files add this ID on yahoo messenger:grigore_alexandru12

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