Champions Online Going Free-2-Play?!

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Gaming, MMORPGs
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Cryptic Studios logo, 2000–2007

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As of the time of this writing, there are two Super Hero themed MMORPGs in existence. First, there is City of Heroes, and its expansion packs. Secondly, there is Champions Online. In the not too distant future, you will be able to add DC Universe Online to that list, but at the moment, it’s not currently available.

Out of the 2 currently available, my favorite is Champions Online. The graphics are outstanding, and the stories and play is fun and entertaining, plus it’s Solo friendly, and offers gamepad support, so you can play the game with an Xbox360/PC USB gamepad, which just so happens to me my preferred method of play!

As if all of that, wasn’t reason enough to play, Cryptic has decided to give you yet another reason to make Champions Online your preferred Super Hero MMORPG of choice. It’s going Free-2-Play! That’s right, Champions Online has decided to join in with all the other subscription based MMORPGs that have recently decided to go Free-2-Play. Which means, you will be able to enjoy this video game goodness free!

Will this change make me cancel my subscription and go to a free account? Hell no! The game is extremely enjoyable, and worth every cent I pay each month. I’m sure many of you will feel the same way I do after playing it as well.

I’ll see ya in world!

  1. Ronbob says:

    I played the beta and muddled through the first week, week and a half and quit playing after all the nerf and unplayablity….Solo friendly? yes, but only with a small handful of builds. Not the “Friendly to play with whatever build you want” it was promoted to be. A simple brick character/concept build got hammered all the time. So no, I wouldn’t play it for free period.
    What is sad is I am an old Champions pnp player from the 80’s and know about character building and balance and Cryptic failed miseralbly imo. Their lack of communication and support also has ensured I will never buy another Cryptic game ever again….

  2. shaide says:

    I too played beta of CO, and like you, was seriously disappointed. The thing with beta is that it’s not a final product, and kind of rediculous to base a final decision of a game, based on an unfinished product.

    Since beta, many changes have been made, and for the record, the game is solo friendly, pretty much under any class, unless you have a horrible build. I even solo on my healer type class.

    Is the game perfect? Far from it, but it’s as good as many other MMORPGs, and definitely better than City of Heroes.

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