I Miss the Drive-in

Posted: November 9, 2010 in All about ME!
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An old drive-in movie theater in California

Image via Wikipedia

Why are theaters so damn popular? I miss Drive-ins! I keep hoping that one day, it will turn out that Theaters were nothing more than a passing fad, and Drive-ins will take its rightful place as the place to go and watch movies.

Let’s face it, Drive-ins are much cooler than theaters. What does a theater have going for it? Ok, the A/C is nice, I will give you that. Other than that though? Not a damn thing! Sure, you can go see movies even during the day, but seriously, what’s the point of seeing a movie during the day? Night-time is the time to watch things for entertainment value. I don’t care if its Plays, Television shows or movies!

Ok, you got me, Soap Operas are best watched during the day. I’ll give you that, but unless they are planning on releasing “General Hospital: The Motion Picture”, it doesn’t really matter!

You can go to the Drive-in wearing your pajamas and slippers, you can sit in the comfort of your own car and watch the movie, or plop out a mattress in the back of a truck and watch it laying down. Plus, since women folk always like to talk during movies, you have the option of talking about the movie in the privacy of your own car, without disturbing others who might be trying to enjoy the film.

I know, there’s only a handful of drive-ins still in existence, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any good. I don’t really know what it means to be honest, but I think people should wake up, and demand that Drive-ins make a come back!

I will state this; if Drive-ins were still around, I would go to see movies on the big screen again. As it is, I just wait for the flick to get released on DVD. That way, I can still watch it in my PJs, laying down, and people can still come over and talk about the movie while I am trying to enjoy it.


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